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$    1983   United States   Theoretical simple functional programming language 
ABC    1989 Graph   Netherlands   Intermediate language ABC abstract machine 
ABC    1967 Markovs   Russian Federation   Experimental extensible language  
ABCL/c+    1988 CPL, BCPL and B   Japan   Concurrent actor language based on C 
ABCL/f    1994 Actor   Japan   ABCL with a functional flavour 
ABCL/R    1988 Actor   Japan   Object-Based Concurrent Language 
ABCL/R2    1992 Actor   Japan   reflective concurrent object-oriented language 
ABCL/R3    1998 Actor   Japan   Concurrent object-oriented language 
ACE    1994   Spain   Parallel logic language 
ACL    1980   Australia   A Coroutine Language 
ACT    1958 Generalised programming   United States   Autocode Coding system 
ACT    1966 State transition tables   United Kingdom   Automated Contingency Translator 
ACT II    1960 Generalised programming   United States   Autocode Coding system 
Actalk    1989   Canada    
ActorSpace    1992   United States   parallel language 
ADA    1969 Array   United States   Aiken 
ADES    1955 Generalised programming   United States   Automatic Digital Encoding System  
ADES II    1955 Generalised programming   United States   Automatic Digital Encoding System v II 
Adl    1992   Australia   Polymorphic non-recursive data-parallel functional language  
AKL    1994   Sweden   Agents Kernel Language 
ALF    1990   Germany    
Algol 68 with areas    1972 True ALGOL68s   United Kingdom   Addition of areas to Algol 68 
Algol H    1975 True ALGOL68s   United Kingdom   Proposed extensions to the mode system of Algol 68 
ALICS    1965 Symbolic assemblers   United States   ICS assembler 
Alltalk    1988   United States   Smalltalk with persistency 
Alma-O    1998   Netherlands   Hybrid I/D language 
Alphard    1974 Pascals   United States   Pascal with data abstraction 
AMPPL-II    1969 Substrings   United States   Associative Memory Parallel Processing Language 
Anderson extensions    1965 Other US historic   United States   Parallel extensions set for PLs 
A-NETL    1995 Actor   Japan   Concurrent OO Language 
APPL    1969 Animation   United States   Animation language 
Arche    1992   France    
ARCHI    1986   United States   Microarchitecture description language 
ARTS/C    1988 CPL, BCPL and B   Japan    
ASBAL    1979 Stack   United States   Stack-based language derived from CLU 
associons    1972 Theoretical incl category based   Netherlands   Tuple based programming extensions 
AUTOTIMER    1957 Debugging languages   United States    
Avon    1987 Single-assignment   United States    
Base Language    1968 Single-assignment   United States    
BeBOP    1993   Australia   Object-oriented parallel logic programming language 
BIOPSI    1976 Macroassemblers   United States    
BLAZE    1985   United States   Single assignment language for parallel processing 
BLAZE 2    1989   United States   Object-oriented successor to BLAZE. 
BLODI-G    1967 Flowcharts   United States   Grpahical programming system 
BOMM    1963 Statistical   United States   UCLA Time-series analysis package 
Burroughs Truth-Function Evaluator    1954 Predicate   United States   Logical evaluator system 
CABALA    1975 Scientific Basics   Italy   Extensions to Basic for laboratory work 
CADET    1969 AV-Control   United States   Graphical heuristic for shape-fitting 
CAL    2002 Graph   United States   GP language for the Ptolemy project 
Cantor    1987   United States    
CARPS    1968 Ad hoc query languages   United States   Word-problems language 
CCP    1967 Command systems   United States    
Charme    1989   France    
CHIEF    1973   Netherlands    
CHIP    1985   Germany    
CIAO    1994 Horn clause   Spain   Distributed And/Or parallel prolog 
CLIP    1958 Information algebra   United States   Compiler Language for Information Processing 
CLP(R)    1986   Australia   Constraint Logic Programming (Real) 
Computer Operations Language    1957 Intermediate languages and VMs   United States   Machine-independent language 
Concurrent Massey Hope+C    1999   New Zealand   Concurrent Dialect of Massey Hope 
CST    1988   United States   Concurrent OO Language 
DDL    1985   United States   adventure defintion language 
DDN    1974 Single-assignment   United States   Data-Driven Nets 
DEL    1971 Intermediate languages and VMs   United States   Variable instruction set abstract interpreter 
DEVIL    2000   France    
DIALECT      United States    
DPL    1968 Generalised programming   United States   Dataless Programming Language 
dpSather    1992   Australia    
E    1989   United States   C++ persistent dialect with data types 
EASY    1972 Intermediate languages and VMs   United States   Intermediate language 
ECL-1    1969 Interface and windowing   United Kingdom   Environment Control Language 
Eden    1995   International    
el(alpha)    Serial Operators   Japan    
Ellie    1990 Prototyping   Denmark   Distributed OO language 
EPL    1984 Pascals   United States   Eden Programming Language - concurrent 
EPL    1969 Macros   United States   Programming language for ESS machines 
ESPL/I    1978   United States    
Esterel    1984   France    
FGRAAL    1972 Graph   United States   Fortran Graph extensions 
FIML    1992 Lazy Evaluation FPs   Japan   Functional and Imperative ML 
FISh    1997   Australia    
FL    1985   United States   Function Level 
FMPL    1976 Prototyping   United States   Prototyping OOL 
FOQL    2000   United States   Fuzzy Object Query Language 
ForceEpsilon    1989 Polymorphic   Canada    
FORK    1998   Austria   PRAM-language  
FORK    1992   Austria   PRAM-language 
Fork95    1995   Austria   PRAM-language 
Fornax    1994 Array   United States   APL with patterns 
Functional Units    1977 Actor   Italy   Extended actor language 
Gallina    1992   France    
Gamma    1990   France   Massively parallel language derived from chemical reactions 
GARP    1988 Graph   United States   Graph-based hybrid concurrent OO language 
GASP    1969 Graph   United States   PL/I extension for programming graph algorithms 
GCLA II    1992   Sweden    
GEA    1968 Graph   Italy   Graph Extended ALGOL 
GEMS    1956 Event scheduling   United States   GE Manufacturing Simulator 
Glee    2000 Array   United States   APL language with structures 
Glyphic Script    1994 Prototyping   United States   Prototype based scripting language 
GpH    2001   United Kingdom   Glasgow parallel Haskell 
GRAF    1967 2d shape   United States   GRaphic Additions to FORTRAN 
GRAP    1975   United States    
GRAP    1991   United States    
GRASPE    1968 Graph   United States    
Greif formal specification language    1975   United States    
GSL    1964 Decision tables   United States   Generation Strategy Language 
GTPL    1970 Graph     Graph-theoretical extensions to Fortran  
GYVE    1978   United States   Concurrent SETL dialect 
HACL    1994 Linear   Japan   Concurrent OO language based on linear logic 
HARVEY    1972 Other Wirth Algols   United States   ICR Bliss dialect 
Haskell#    1991   United States   Parallel dialect of Haskell 
Hoare super-structured Algol    1972 True ALGOL60s   United Kingdom   Algol with sets, subsets, orders etc 
Hope+    1988   United Kingdom    
Hybrid    1987 CPL, BCPL and B   Switzerland    
ICL    1978   United States   Language for ambiguous lists 
Id    1978   United States   Irvine Dataflow 
IDMS    1981 2d shape   United States   Pictorial query language 
ISPL    1971   United States   Incremental System Programming Language 
IVSYS    1965 Array   United States   Early implementation of APL 
JANUS    1969 Statistical   United States   Interactive statstics system  
JARGOL    2000 Strict evaluation LISPs   United States   Proposed algorithmic language by Rees 
Joyce    1987 Pascals   United States   Simplified experimental Concurrent Pascal  
Klaim    1997   Italy   Kernel Language for Agents Interaction and Mobility  
KLIC    1994   Japan    
KOMPILER    1953 Low-level Autocoders   United States   Livermore autocode 
KRS    1987   Belgium   Knowledge representation system 
Language for Class Description    1964 OO C family   United States    
Learner    1958   United States   Self-creating programming system 
Librarian    1977 Protocol   France   Library connection language 
LLilog    1986 Language-oriented   Germany   KR Lanugage 
LogTalk    1998   Portugal   OO Extensions to Prolog 
LOOPN    1993   Australia   Petri net language 
LRLTRAN    1968 Non Standard FIV   United States   Vector processing FORTRAN extension  
LUCID    1975 Single-assignment   Canada   dataflow language 
Mage    1967 Other Algol 60s   France   French Algol 
Massey Hope+C    1996   New Zealand    
MERCURY    1995   Australia   Logic/functional language 
microAPL    1981 Array   United States   Microprogramming APL Dialect 
MIX    1968 Symbolic assemblers   United States   MIX Assembly Language 
MIX/360    1970 Symbolic assemblers   United States   Paper assembler for TAOCP 
MIXAL    1969 Symbolic assemblers   United States   MIX Assembly Language 
MIXAL.NET    2000   Russian Federation   MIXAL for .NET 
Mode    1987 OO C family   Finland   OO language with lh anonymising 
Moostrap    1995 Prototyping   France    
MPL    1990   United States   Data-parallel version of C for MASPAR 
MPL    1971 Microprogramming and HLAs   United States   MicroProgramming Language 
Music    1957 Sound-Performance   United States   Languages for musical sound synthesis 
NCL    1990   United States   Network prolog 
NETL    1979 Frame languages   United States    
NODAL    1974 Generation of JOSS I   Switzerland   High level declarative language for physics research 
NPL    1963 IBM PL/Is   United States   New Programming Language 
Orthogonal    1996 Crossword   United States   2nd version of 2d language 
OSL/2    1970 Other algorithmic   United States   Systems language 
OWL    1977   United States   KR language 
PACOL    1974   Israel   Language to control programming components 
PANON-1B    1965 Patterns   Italy   Pattern-directed symbol manipulation language 
PEESPOL    1971 Microprogramming and HLAs   United States   UoI microprogramming system 
PINBOL    Decision tables   United States   Decision table language for controlling pinball machines 
PISTOL    1983   United States   Portably Implemented STack Oriented Language 
PL/CS    1974 Other PL/Is   United States   PL/I subdialect for the CPS 
PLASM    1995   Italy   Geometry-oriented functional language 
PLCV    1973   United States    
PM2    1990 Pascals   Australia   Parallel Modula-2 
POLYGOTH    1990   France    
Postmark    1992 Sound-Performance   Australia   Stack based musical composition language 
PREDULA    1991 Pascals   Sweden   Data-parallel Pascal 
PRESTO    1987   United States    
PRIZ    1983   Estonia   Logic programming environment 
PRL    1983   United States   Proof Refinement Logic 
Progol    1993   United Kingdom    
Prolog-ELF    1985 Horn clause   Japan    
PRORAB    1957 Lenigrad languages   Russian Federation   Leningrad Programming System 
ProtoHyperflow    1993   United States    
PRS    1987 Robotics      
pSather    1991   United States   parallel Sather 
PSL    1970 Goal description   United States   Problem Statement Language 
PSL/II    1973   United States   Problem Statement Language/version 2  
PSL/PSA    1976   United States   Problem Statement Language/Problem Statement Analyzer  
PSYCHOL    1968 Experiment control and recording   United Kingdom   language for psychological experimentation 
PUNCHY    1953 Other Conversational   United States   Interactive tape controller 
RC    1991   France   Reactive C 
Reaction Handler    1967 Experiment control and recording   United Kingdom   Control language for experimentation 
Real-Time Concurrent C    1991 CPL, BCPL and B   United States   Real-time extensions to Concurrent C 
REL    1968 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United States   Rapidly Extensible Language 
ROLOG    1996   United States    
Rosette    2000   United States   Concurrent OO Language 
RPL    1992     A Reactive Plan Language  
SANPLAN    2000   India    
SAX APL    1989 Array   United States   Sharp APL eXtended 
sceptic 3    1989   United Kingdom    
sceptic 4    1993   United Kingdom    
SCL    1961 Statistical   United States   IBM statistical programming language 
Seque    1988   United States   Experimental language for manipulating sequences  
SHOE    2000   United States   HTML extension set for the semantic web 
SL    1981 Tree   United States   Structure Language 
SMACK    1979 Macroassemblers   United States   Macro package for MIL 
SML    1960 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   Symbol language 
SNAP    1965 Macros   United Kingdom    
SPS-I    1957 Event scheduling   United States   Simulations precursor to SIMSCRIPT 
Squeak    1985   United States    
SUSL    1981 Tree   United States   Selective Updating Structure Language 
sysLucid    1994 Single-assignment   Canada   Systolic functional Lucid 
TAL    1998   Sweden   Temporal Action Logics 
TAO    1995   Italy   Parallel dialect of FORTRAN with some object extensions 
TELOS    1989   Canada    
TERMAC    1968 Matrix   United States   Matrix language 
ThingLab    1979   United States    
TOSS    1969 Modelling   United States    
Trilogy II    1988   Canada    
TSAR    1968 Statistical   United States    
TSAR    1970 Statistical   United States   Statistical system for taped-stored data 
UNITS    1977 Frame languages   United States   Frame language 
Us    1996 Prototyping   United States   Prototyping OOL 
Valid    1982   Japan   Dataflow language 
VIB    1956 Low-level Autocoders   United States   Early language for General Motors 
Viron    1983   United States   Dataflow Programming Environment 
VIVA    1990   United States    
VIVID    1987 Goal description   United States    
W2    1988 Pascals   United States   Systolic array parallel language  
White Oak Curry    1953 Low-level Autocoders   United States   White Oak Curry system 
XGEN    1977   United States   Code generator generator 
X-KLAIM    2000   Italy   Language for organising mobile agents and their interaction strategies  
XL    1977   United States   Intermediate language for XGEN