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ABAL    1974   United States   Teaching language for Boolean algebra 
Aldor    1995   United Kingdom    
ALEC    1967 Other UK historic languages   United Kingdom   A User Extensible Scientific Programming Language 
ALPAK    1963 Algebraic   United States   Extension to ALTRAN to manipulate polynomials and rational functions 
ALTRAN    1965 Fortran I-III Variants   United States   Translator for ALTAC 
APT    1960 Algebraic   United States   Polish notation algebraic language 
ASHMEDAI    1967 Algebraic   United States   Symbolic maths package 
CLAM    1971   United Kingdom    
Dunten algebraic language    1963 Algebraic   United States   Algebraic language 
FORMAC    1962 Formulaic   United States   FORmula MAnipulation Compiler 
FORMAL    1971   United States    
GEORGE    1957 Stack   Australia   Stack-oriented interpreter language for DEUCE 
GRAD Assistant    1965 Algebraic   United States   A LISP program to do algebraic manipulation 
IAM    1968 Algebraic   United States   Interactive Algebraic Manipulation 
KOMPILER 3    1957 Multiline   United States   Livermore Autocode 
Korsvold    1965 Symbolic   United States   Interactive non-numeric symbolic language 
NASTRAN    1970   United States    
OEDIPUS    1964 Algebraic   United States   Bell Labs interpretive algebraic system 
PL/I-FORMAC    1968 Formulaic   United States    
SYMBOLANG    1965 Symbolic   United States   Symbol manipulating FORTRAN 
TCL      United States   Tree Command Language