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1990s languages
Post-Cold War
Fifth generation

Explore languages for 1992 and Experimental and other

ABCL/R2    1992 Actor   Japan   reflective concurrent object-oriented language 
ActorSpace    1992   United States   parallel language 
Adl    1992   Australia   Polymorphic non-recursive data-parallel functional language  
Arche    1992   France    
dpSather    1992   Australia    
FIML    1992 Lazy Evaluation FPs   Japan   Functional and Imperative ML 
FORK    1992   Austria   PRAM-language 
Gallina    1992   France    
GCLA II    1992   Sweden    
Postmark    1992 Sound-Performance   Australia   Stack based musical composition language 
RPL    1992     A Reactive Plan Language