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1960s languages
High Cold War
Third generation

Explore languages for 1967 and String and List Processing

*l    1967 List   United States   L6 for the 360 
ASLIP    1967 Map/Dictionary   United States   Symmetric List Processor 
BBN-LISP    1967 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
BTL SNOBOL4    1967 Patterns   United States   Bell Labs SNOBOL4  
CP/67 SCRIPT    1967 Macros   United States   Text processing language  
DASH    1967 Patterns   United Kingdom   String patters in ALGOL 60 
DYSTAL 2    1967 List   United States   Array-based list-processing for Fortran 
EOL    1967 Macros   Poland   Expression Oriented Language 
LOGO    1967 List   United States   Elementary list processing language with interactive graphics 
LOLITA    1967 Algebraic   United States   Symbolic mathematics system 
PLANNER    1967 Goal description   United States   Goal-direct LISP dialect 
QA4    1967 Goal description   United States   Question Answering 
SNOBOL4    1967 Patterns   United States   Classic SNOBOL 
SPRINT    1967 Stack   United States   Stack-based string processing language 
STRIGOL    1967 Substrings   United States   UNM String language 
Tabory graph-theoretic language     1967 Graph   France   Graph-theoretic language  
VITAL    1967 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United States