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Explore languages for Denmark
The ML Kit    1993   Denmark   Full implementation of Standard ML 
MODEF    1984   Denmark   Revised Pascal with polymorphism 
RSL    1992   Denmark    
SHEEP    1978   Denmark    
DSL    1975   Denmark   Specification language 
GRAM    1979   Denmark    
RAISE      Denmark    
COMAL-80    1980   Denmark    
SIS    1979   Denmark   Semantics Implementation System 
UniComal    1989   Denmark    
COMAL    1973 Street basics   Denmark    
Blond    1986   Denmark   Reflective language based on scheme 
PLIS7    1974 PL-360s   Denmark   IS7 port of PL360 
LAML    2001   Denmark    
grok    1973   Denmark    
LEGO/Logo    1990   Denmark    
MIRIAM    1974   Denmark    
Dacta Logo    1990   Denmark    
CSP-OZ-DC    2002   Denmark    
Spike2    1995   Denmark    
Winkel    1990   Denmark    
DSL/44    1967 Analog   Denmark   Analog simulation language for the IBM 360/44 
DASK initial orders    1956 Initial orders   Denmark   Naur's IO for the DASK computer 
MQL    1999 Ad hoc query languages   Denmark   Query language for EMDROS text database 
Ellie    1990 Prototyping   Denmark   Distributed OO language 
Pascal++    1994 Pascals   Denmark    
Poly Pascal    1987 Pascals   Denmark    
Real-Time Pascal    1982 Pascals   Denmark    
Platon    1975 Pascals   Denmark   Distributed Pascal 
Pascal-80    1980 Pascals   Denmark    
Compas Pascal    1987 Pascals   Denmark   Forerunner of Turbo Pascal 
CCL    1978   Denmark   Computer control language 
PANCODE    1982 Partial A68 only   Denmark    
RCMOL    1975 Symbolic assemblers   Denmark   RC Machine Oriented Language 
Algol 8    1986 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   Version 4 of RC Algol 
Algol 5    1962 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   RC Algol, first version 
Algol 7    1978 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   Version 3 of RC Algol 
GIER Algol III    1963 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   3rd version of Naur's Gier algol  
GIER Algol II    1962 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   2nd version of the Gier algol 
RC-Fortran    1968 FORTRAN IV standard   Denmark   Fortran for the RC 4000 
DASK Algol    1961 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   Danish ALGOL 
RegneCentralen ALGOL    1960 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   Danish family of Algol 60 languages 
GIER Algol    1960 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   Naur's seminal ALGOL 60 
Algol 6    1970 True ALGOL60s   Denmark   Version 2 of RC Algol 
PDC-Prolog    1995 Horn clause   Denmark    
Turbo Prolog    1986 Horn clause   Denmark    
Visual Prolog    1996 Horn clause   Denmark    
DISCO    1981 Hybrid   Denmark   Simulation language 
SAL    1977 Other algorithmic   Denmark   Paper language suitable for semantic definition 
slip    1960 Symbolic assemblers   Denmark   Macro assembler for GIER computer