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Explore languages for Switzerland
ADAMO    1986 Other DPLs   Switzerland   Data structure and behaviour system 
ALGOL W    1966 Algol Ws   Switzerland   Wirth and Hoare 
BCOOL    1992   Switzerland    
Bitemporal ChronoSQL    1995   Switzerland    
Boehm    1951 W European algorithmic systems   Switzerland   First operator precence language 
CERN Autocode    1961 Early Autocodes   Switzerland   Autocode for IBM 709 
ChronoSQL    1993   Switzerland    
COMIS    1985   Switzerland   Interactive Fortran system 
COMPONENT PASCAL    1997 Pascals   Switzerland   Superset of Oberon 2 with atavistic name 
Concurrent Oberon    1993   Switzerland   Concurrent features added to Oberon 
COOL    1992   Switzerland   Object relational data language 
DB++    1992   Switzerland    
DELTA    1975 Decision tables   Switzerland   Decision table language 
DETAB/GT    1972 Decision tables   Switzerland   Decision table language 
GAMMA    1968 Algebraic   Switzerland   CERN port of Culler-Fried System 
GRAMOL    1988   Switzerland    
HTML    1994   Switzerland   Markup language with hypertext capabilities 
Hybrid    1987 CPL, BCPL and B   Switzerland    
ISIS    1974 Hierarchical DB   Switzerland    
JPiccola    2002   Switzerland    
Klammerausdr죫e    1951 W European algorithmic systems   Switzerland   algebraic language 
Lola    1995   Switzerland    
LOTIS    1969 Expression oriented   Switzerland   Computer simulation language 
LPL    1988   Switzerland   Linear Programming Language  
MacNodal    1987 Generation of JOSS I   Switzerland   Macintosh version of NODAL 
MacOberon    1991   Switzerland    
MAPQUERY    1982 2d shape   Switzerland   Geographical query language 
mmsearch      Switzerland    
Modula    1977   Switzerland   Concurrent modular language after Pascal 
Modula SC    1991   Switzerland   Modula 2 with Scientific Ccomputing extensions  
Modula/R    1983   Switzerland    
Modula-2    1977   Switzerland    
Modula-Prolog    1985 Horn clause   Switzerland    
Newton    1977   Switzerland   Functional and OO language developed for teaching at EFPL 
NODAL    1974 Generation of JOSS I   Switzerland   High level declarative language for physics research 
NQUEL    1979   Switzerland    
Oberon    1987   Switzerland    
Oberon-2    1991   Switzerland    
Oberon-V    1990   Switzerland    
Object Oberon    1989   Switzerland    
ORION    1972   Switzerland    
Pascal    1970 Pascals   Switzerland   Wirth's development of the Algol-W proposal 
Pascal-    1985 Pascals   Switzerland    
Pascal (Jensen and Wirth)    1975 Pascals   Switzerland   1975 revision of Pascal 
Pascal-S    1975 Pascals   Switzerland    
Pascal-SC    1982 Pascals   Switzerland    
Piccola    1997   Switzerland    
Piccola1    1999   Switzerland    
Piccola2    2000   Switzerland    
Piccola3    2001   Switzerland    
PiLib    2002   Switzerland    
PILS    1985   Switzerland   Portable Interactive Language System 
PL/0    1975 Wirth Algols   Switzerland   Model language of Wirth 
PL-11    1971 PL-360s   Switzerland   CERN PDP-11 systems language 
Scala    2002   Switzerland    
Schoonschip    1964 Algebraic   Switzerland   Symbolic maths 
Seneca    1990   Switzerland    
SIGMA    1972 Algebraic   Switzerland   Interactive maths system based on CFS 
SIGMA 76    1976 Algebraic   Switzerland   Improved version of SIGMA  
SPicolla    2000   Switzerland    
SPIP    1977 Pascals   Switzerland    
STAR    2000   Switzerland    
SUPER    1994   Switzerland    
SUPERB    1988   Switzerland   Parallel FORTRAN 
SYSTRID    1984   Switzerland   Machine independant CAD/CAM system 
ZRA Autocode    1969 Early Autocodes   Switzerland