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Explore languages for Germany
ABAP/4    1995   Germany    
ACT ONE    1983   Germany   An Algebraic Specification Language 
ACTRAN    1970 Hybrid   Germany   Hybrid simulation language 
Ada-O    1979   Germany   Ada subset used for compiler bootstrapping 
AIDA    1980   Germany   intermediate representation language for Ada 
ALADIN    1982   Germany   Grammar defintiion language 
ALC    1988   Germany    
ALDiSP    1989   Germany    
ALF    1990   Germany    
ALGAN    1964 Algebraic   Germany   An extension of FORTRAN to solve sets of linear equations 
ALGOL X    1964 True ALGOL60s   Germany   Algol 60 revision proposal  
AMOC    1977   Germany   Autocoder Marburg 
ANAGOL 67    1967 Differential Equations   Germany   Block-oriented simulation language based on Algol 60 
APS    1983 Auditing   Germany    
ARGMAT    1966 Algebraic   Germany   Matrix Algebra language 
ASIM    1976   Germany   Analog simulation language 
ASKA    1965 Algebraic   Germany   Matrix finite element analysis language 
ASL    1986   Germany    
ASpecT      Germany    
ASPIK    1985   Germany    
ASTROL    1978   Germany    
autoklang    Sound-Synthesis   Germany   Musical composition language 
Automatic network calculation    1960 Flowcharts   Germany   Flowchart input language 
AUTOPIT    1966 Numerical Control   Germany    
AUTOPIT II    1967 Numerical Control   Germany   Pittler numerical control system 
AUTOPIT III    1974   Germany    
BABYLON    1989 Frame languages   Germany   Expert system with frame language 
BACK    1988 Frame languages   Germany   Frame language 
BALG    1975   Germany    
BAPS      Germany   Bosch Robotics Language 
Basic PEARL    1977   Germany    
BEGL    1989   Germany    
BEMAT    1966 Matrix   Germany   Matrix Algebra language 
Blue Label Pascal    1985 Pascals   Germany   Hejlsberg 
BNA    1979   Germany    
C++Linda    1991   Germany    
Cantor set theory    1895 Symbolic   Germany    
CAT    1983   Germany    
ccGolog    1999 Robotics   Germany   Plan language for robotics 
CDL    1969 Definition languages   Germany   Compiler Description Language 
CDL    1995   Germany   High granularity parallel programming language 
CDL++    1997   Germany    
CDL2    1976   Germany   Version 2 Compiler description language 
CDLM    1981 Digital   Germany    
CFUF    1999   Germany    
CHIP    1985   Germany    
Cint    2001   Germany   Cint - c-like machine-independant code 
CIP-L    1980 Definition languages   Germany    
CLOS0    1993   Germany    
Colbert    1996 Robotics   Germany    
COLD    1989   Germany    
ComLisp    1996 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Germany   Common Lisp subset for dynamic compilation 
CommonLisp0    1993 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Germany    
COMSKEE    1973 Text analysis   Germany   String analysis language 
Conceptual schema language I    1977   Germany    
Conceptual schema language II    1980   Germany    
condela    1990   Germany   Neural Network Definition Language. 
CONLAN    1980   Germany   Hardware description language 
COPI    1968 CAI languages   Germany   Computer Oriented Programmed Instruction 
CSP-OZ    1997   Germany    
CSSA    1984   Germany    
CSSA    1975   Germany    
CSSA    1979   Germany   Application language for INCAS 
CuPit    1993   Germany    
CuPit-2    1997 Graph   Germany   Language for distributed ANNs 
DAS    1994   Germany    
DBPL    1988   Germany    
Denert    1970 Multiline   Germany   Two-dimensional Algol dialect 
DESMO    1991   Germany    
DESMO-J    1999   Germany    
DESMO-M    1996   Germany    
Deva    1993   Germany    
DIDOL    1970 W European algorithmic systems   Germany    
DMIS 2    1993   Germany    
DOWL    1993   Germany    
EASEy    1973   Germany    
ECSSL    1975   Germany    
Eiffel/S    1991   Germany   SIG Eiffel 
ELAN    1974 Pascals   Germany   Language for teaching structured programming 
Elk    1987   Germany   Extensible Language Kit 
EQBE    1976   Germany    
EUMEL    1980   Germany    
EXAPT    1967 Numerical Control   Germany    
EXAPT 2    1967 Numerical Control   Germany   NC language 
EXAPT 3    1968 Numerical Control   Germany   NC languages capable of contouring 
Extended Pascal    1987 Pascals   Germany    
FESE    1994   Germany    
FINSTER    1969   Germany    
Flora    1995   Germany    
FLORID    1999   Germany    
FOCUS    1992   Germany   Algebraic specification system 
FORMAC 73    1973   Germany    
Formules    1956 W European algorithmic systems   Germany   Compiler for Zuse Z4 
FORTRAN-FORMAC    1970   Germany    
Frege    1879 Symbolic   Germany    
FUF    1989   Germany   Functional Unification Formalism  
G1    1954 W European algorithmic systems   Germany   Gottingen macro-assembler/autocode 
G2    1955 Initial orders   Germany   Gottingen initial orders and assembly system 
GAP    1986   Germany   Symbolic maths language 
GDL    1988   Germany    
Generic Haskell    2000   Germany    
Golex    1998 Robotics   Germany    
Grace    1995   Germany    
GRAMOS-GPSS    1993   Germany    
GSI NODAL    1988 Generation of JOSS II   Germany   NODAL variant at the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung 
GXL    2000   Germany    
hepawk    1991   Germany    
HERAKLIT    1987   Germany    
High-integrity PEARL    1993   Germany    
HOI    1964   Germany   HYTRAN Operations Interpreter 
HOLCF    1994   Germany    
HSL    1965   Germany   Hytran Simulations Language 
IDAMS    1983 2d shape   Germany   Pictorial retrieval language 
indiGOLOG    2000   Germany    
INITIAL    1982   Germany    
IRDATA    1991   Germany    
IRL    1992   Germany    
IS    1995   Germany   Theoretical archetypical imperative language 
ISQL    1983 2-D Graphic Languages   Germany    
ISTRAN    1973   Germany    
JOKER    1977   Germany    
KARL    1993   Germany    
Karlsruhe AL    1981   Germany   Karlsruhe version of AL 
KMODEL    1991   Germany    
L0    1974   Germany    
LADY    1984 CPL, BCPL and B   Germany   System language for INCAS 
LCL    1990   Germany    
LIDO    1989   Germany    
LLilog    1986 Language-oriented   Germany   KR Lanugage 
LOLA    1991   Germany    
LPG    1966 CASE languages   Germany    
Maenner Pascal extensions    1986 Pascals   Germany   Pascal extended for physical quantities 
MAGSY    1985 RETE and production   Germany   Multi-agent OPS5 
MATRIX PASCAL    1983 Pascals   Germany    
MetaJava    1996 OO C family   Germany   refelective Java 
MetaXa    1996 OO C family   Germany   reflective Java 
MIMOSE      Germany    
MINIAPT    1968 Numerical Control   Germany   Minicomputer APT 
MiniLex    1978   Germany    
Minipascal    1975 Pascals   Germany    
MODEL-K    1993   Germany    
Modula-2*    1990   Germany    
Modula-2O    1994   Germany    
Modula-3*    1993   Germany    
Modula-3pi    1993   Germany    
MoMo    1992   Germany    
MOZART    1997   Germany    
MUNIN    1989   Germany    
muPad    1990 Algebraic   Germany   Algebraic manipulation system 
NEL    1997   Germany   Natural Expert Language 
NewKARL    1996   Germany    
NML    1998   Germany    
NTF    1990 Frame languages   Germany    
Oaklisp    1986 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Germany    
OGSURF    1986   Germany   CAD/CAM NC language 
OPAL    1993 Goguen algebra   Germany   Algebraic functional language 
OPAL-0    1993 Goguen algebra   Germany   Algebraic functional language 
OPAL-1    1993 Goguen algebra   Germany   Algebraic functional language 
OPAL2    1995   Germany    
OPTIMIX    1994 Graph   Germany   Graph rewriting language based on Datalog 
OPTRAN    1980   Germany    
OpusJava    2000   Germany    
OWL    1986   Germany    
OZ    1993   Germany   Concurrent constraint language 
OZ2    1995   Germany   Interactive concurrent constraint language  
OZ3    1996   Germany   Interactive Concurrent constraint language  
PAD    1973 Interface and windowing   Germany   Programming by example 
PAnnDA-S    1986   Germany   PROSPECTA specification language 
Parallaxis    1989   Germany    
Parallaxis 2    1991   Germany    
Parallaxis III    1995   Germany    
Pascal/R    1980 Pascals   Germany    
Pascal-XSC    1991 Pascals   Germany    
PASRO    1985   Germany   Pascal dialect for robotics 
PEARL    1970 Assemblers   Germany   Real-Time Language 
PEARL 90    1989 Assemblers   Germany    
Pfeiffer and Hoehne dialog language    1975 Interface and windowing   Germany    
pGOLOG    2000   Germany    
PHYSCAL    1986   Germany    
Pilot Plus    1988 CAI languages   Germany   Computer aided instruction language 
PL0/E    1999   Germany    
Plankalkul    1943 W European algorithmic systems   Germany   Algebraic compiler for Z3 
PLR    1974   Germany    
PORTAL    1977   Germany   Real-time safe PASCAL dialect 
P-Progol    1993   Germany    
P-Quest    1992   Germany    
PRA    1978   Germany   PRAgmatics 
PROFI-11    1982 Interface and windowing   Germany    
ProFIT    1994   Germany    
PROGRES    1990   Germany   Graph based programming language 
PROGRES    1991   Germany    
ProSet    1990   Germany    
PROTOS-L    1989   Germany    
PS 440    1974 PL-360s   Germany   PL 360 for the Telefunken TR 440  
QUIRK    1987   Germany    
REGENT    1971 2d shape   Germany   CAD Language 
ROBEX    1981 Robotics   Germany   Robotics dialect of EXAPT 
S0    1972 PL-360s   Germany   PL360 for the Telefunken TR8G 
SAC    1997   Germany   Single Assignment C 
Sather-K    1995   Germany   Karlsruhe Sather 
Schrader simulation Algol    1967 OO C family   Germany   Algol with Simulation features 
SEGRAS    1985   Germany    
SEM    1978   Germany    
SEPIA    1988   Germany    
SEQAS    1971   Germany   Medical programming language  
Sequentielle Formelübersetzung    1955 W European algorithmic systems   Germany   High-level algbraic compiler  
SETHEO    1993   Germany    
SETL/E    1990   Germany    
SEVAL    1981   Germany   Data validation language 
SHOWER    1963 Monte Carlo   Germany   Nagel Monte Carlo system 
SIAM    1970 Expression oriented   Germany   Simulation language 
SIL    1998   Germany   Stack Intermediate Language 
SIMDIS    1985   Germany    
SIMPC    1990   Germany    
SLAN    1976 Pascals   Germany    
SOFA    1998   Germany    
SORCA    1983   Germany    
SPECTRE    1994   Germany    
SPECTRUM    1993   Germany    
SPL    1971   Germany   Simple Programming Language 
SRL    1983 Robotics   Germany   Algorithmic robotic language 
stanislaus    1951 Predicate   Germany   propositional calculus  
STIMULUS    1985   Germany    
SYMP(B)    1968 Numerical Control   Germany   NC Language 
SYN    1978   Germany   specification language 
SYNAPSE    1990   Germany    
TAL    1993   Germany   CAI analysis language 
TF    1990   Germany    
Theseus    1999   Germany    
Tl    1992   Germany    
TooL    1988   Germany    
TR4    1964 Definition languages   Germany   Extensible compiler generator system for the Telefunken TR4 Computer  
TrafoLa    1987   Germany    
Trellis    1985   Germany    
Triplex Algol 60    1968 True ALGOL60s   Germany    
TUSTEP    1968 Editing and processing   Germany    
TYCOON    1992   Germany   The object-oriented DBPL 
Tycoon-2    2000   Germany    
UMLS    1993   Germany    
USL    1978 Ad hoc query languages   Germany   Near natural language querying system  
VDM++    1993   Germany    
Vienna Definition Language    1965 Definition languages   Germany   Formal language description language 
VORELLE    1979   Germany   Decision table generator 
Wassertheil-Smoller    1975   Germany    
Z22 compiler    1961 Macroassemblers   Germany   High level macro compiler for Zuse Z22 
Zermelo-Fraenkel    1922 Symbolic   Germany