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Explore languages for Israel
AEPL    1971 Markovs   Israel   An Extensible Programming Language 
And/Or    1980   Israel   Simple tree-like programming/specification language  
BGRAF2    1975   Israel   Real-time graphics language 
Concurrent Pascal-S    1988 Pascals   Israel   Concurrent Pascal dialect  
DIFTRAN    1968 Non Standard FIV   Israel   Hebrew character based programming language 
DITROFF/FFORTID    1985   Israel    
FCP    1984   Israel   Flat Concurrent Prolog 
HNROFF    1980   Israel   Hebrew formatter based on NROFF 
HPL    2003   Israel   Hebrew Programming Language 
HTROFF    1980   Israel   Hebrew formatter based on TROFF 
MAQUEST    1970 Response languages   Israel   Questionairre processing language 
OBSERV    1990   Israel    
PACOL    1974   Israel   Language to control programming components 
SNOBOL+    1974 Tree   Israel   SNOBOL4 with trees 
Statecharts    1987 2D Statecharts   Israel    
STATEMATE    1998 2D Statecharts   Israel    
Tamir SNOBOL    1974 Patterns   Israel   SNOBOL 4 with structures