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Explore languages for Italy
Abacus    1982   Italy    
ABL    1960 Information Retrieval   Italy   Language manipulation of files 
Active-U-Datalog    1997   Italy   U-Datalog extended for active databases 
ADSL    1962 Algebraic   Italy   Algebraic Data System Language 
APACHE    1961 Analog   Italy   Analog simulation language 
APESE    1983   Italy   Parallel dialect of FORTRAN  
APLOMB    1979 Array   Italy   Structural extensions to APL 
AQL    1977 2d shape   Italy   APL with picture primitives 
ASTRAL    1995   Italy    
AUTOSURF    1965 Numerical Control   Italy   3D CNC programming language 
CABALA    1975 Scientific Basics   Italy   Extensions to Basic for laboratory work 
CADEP    1969 Semantic descriptions   Italy   Language for computer-assisted description of patterns 
CASL    1995   Italy    
Casl LTL    2000   Italy    
Cjj    2001   Italy   C++ dialect that matches JAVA 
COIF    1970 2d shape   Italy    
Complex-Datalog    1992   Italy    
Complex-Prolog    1989   Italy    
COOL    1994   Italy    
DAISY    1995 Actor   Italy    
DATALOG    1990   Italy    
DISC    1989 CPL, BCPL and B   Italy   DIStributed C 
ECoLisp    1989 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Italy   Italian Common Lisp C-embeddable implementation 
ECSP    1984   Italy    
Elle    1981   Italy    
ESP    1993   Italy   Extended Shared Prolog 
EXPLAN    1994   Italy    
FALCON    1974 Algebraic   Italy    
FORTRAN CEP    1963 Fortran I-III Variants   Italy    
Functional Units    1977 Actor   Italy   Extended actor language 
Galileo    1983   Italy   interactive, strictly-typed data base programming language  
GCP    1985   Italy   Guarded Communicating Processes 
GEA    1968 Graph   Italy   Graph Extended ALGOL 
GLisp    1992 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Italy   Graphical extensions to Lisp 
GOSPEL    1977 Expression oriented   Italy   CSSL-like simulation language 
hHLDS    1998   Italy   homogeneous HLDS  
HLDS    1998   Italy    
ITL    1991   Italy    
Klaim    1997   Italy   Kernel Language for Agents Interaction and Mobility  
KLAVA    2001   Italy    
LOL    1994   Italy    
LPG    1989 2d shape   Italy   Graphical Procedures Language 
Magma2    1984   Italy    
MagmaLISP    1975 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Italy    
MAP    1993 Actor   Italy   Distributed AI OO language 
Marta    1989   Italy    
Martino    1985   Italy    
MC-OBJ    1988   Italy   Interpreter for OBJ 
Mini PL/I    1974 Other PL/Is   Italy   Olivetti PL/I subset 
Modeleasy      Italy    
N1    1959 Other lambda   Italy   Olivetti's non-procedural language 
ND-Lisp    1977 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Italy    
NUCOL    1967 Numerical Control   Italy   Italian NC language 
PAGET    1967 Numerical Control   Italy    
PALGO    1962 True ALGOL60s   Italy   Olivetti Algol 60 variant with lambda calculus 
PANON    1962 Markovs   Italy   Markov-pattern-directed string processing languages  
PANON-1    1963 Markovs   Italy   Markov-pattern-directed string processing language 
PANON-1B    1965 Patterns   Italy   Pattern-directed symbol manipulation language 
PANON-2    1968 Patterns   Italy   Pattern-directed symbol manipulation language  
PCL    1986   Italy   Pyramid C Language 
Peano    1888 Symbolic   Italy   Peano 
PICL    1991   Italy    
PLASM    1995   Italy   Geometry-oriented functional language 
POL    1979   Italy   Mathematical programming language 
PROMO    1965 Numerical Control   Italy   CNC Language 
PSICO    1962 W European algorithmic systems   Italy   Italian autocompiler 
ROMALISP    1969 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Italy    
RPN/8    1976   Italy   Interpretive language for CHILD/8 microprocessors 
SEL    1971   Italy    
Shared Prolog    1990 Horn clause   Italy    
SIFOR    1963 Difference Equations   Italy   Block-oriented simulation language 
SIGLA    1978   Italy   Olivetti robotics language 
SIOUX    1964 Expression oriented   Italy   Continuous Simulation Language 
SKY    2000   Italy    
TAO    1995   Italy   Parallel dialect of FORTRAN with some object extensions 
Trieste Algol    1969 True ALGOL60s   Italy   Algol 60 with a 2-dimensional printing language 
TRIO    1990   Italy    
U-Datalog    1997   Italy    
USS 90 Algol    1962 True ALGOL60s   Italy   Algol for the USS 90 
X-KLAIM    2000   Italy   Language for organising mobile agents and their interaction strategies  
Zz    1983   Italy   Compiler for APE/QUADRICS