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Exploring language family "Pascals"

*MOD    1980 Pascals   United States   Concurrent MOdula 
ALIAS    1973 Pascals   Netherlands   Bliss variant 
Alphard    1974 Pascals   United States   Pascal with data abstraction 
Apple Pascal    1980 Pascals   United States   UCSD Pascal for the Apple II 
Blue Label Pascal    1985 Pascals   Germany   Hejlsberg 
BNR Pascal    1984 Pascals   Canada   Modular Pascal from BNR 
CCNPascal    1979 Pascals   United States   Concurrent pascal dialect  
CDC-Pascal    1975 Pascals   United States   Pascal for te CDC 6000 
CHILL    1980 Pascals   International   CCITT HIgh-Level Language 
CLU    1974 Pascals   United States   CLUster programming language - abstractions and iterators 
Compas Pascal    1987 Pascals   Denmark   Forerunner of Turbo Pascal 
COMPONENT PASCAL    1997 Pascals   Switzerland   Superset of Oberon 2 with atavistic name 
Concurrent Pascal    1972 Pascals   United States   Dialect of Pascal which supports monitors  
Concurrent Pascal-S    1988 Pascals   Israel   Concurrent Pascal dialect  
COPAS    1981 Pascals   United Kingdom   Conversational Pascal 
Coroutine Pascal    1975 Pascals   United States    
ELAN    1974 Pascals   Germany   Language for teaching structured programming 
EPL    1984 Pascals   United States   Eden Programming Language - concurrent 
EPSIMONE    1978 Pascals   Brazil   Concurrent simulation language 
EULER    1965 Pascals   United States   Wirth Algol 
Extended Pascal    1987 Pascals   Germany    
Garden Point Component Pascal    2002 Pascals   Australia    
Gehani Pascal    1977 Pascals   United States    
Green    1978 Pascals   France   Proto-Ada 
HP-PASCAL    1984 Pascals   United States    
HTAG    2002 Pascals      
HyperPascal    1993 Pascals   New Zealand    
IMPS    1981 Pascals   United States   Pascal module-capable dialect 
IP Pascal    1990 Pascals   United States   Pascal with modern language features 
Ironman    1977 Pascals   United States   Penultimate Ada specification  
Joyce    1987 Pascals   United States   Simplified experimental Concurrent Pascal  
LPI-Pascal    1990 Pascals   United States    
Maenner Pascal extensions    1986 Pascals   Germany   Pascal extended for physical quantities 
MATRIX PASCAL    1983 Pascals   Germany    
MIDAS    1978 Pascals   United States   MID-level ASsembly 
MIDAS/6800    1978 Pascals   United States   MID-level ASsembly 
MIDAS/8080    1978 Pascals   United States   MID-level ASsembly  
Minipascal    1975 Pascals   Germany    
Minnesota Pascal 6000    1975 Pascals   United States    
Multi-Pascal    1993 Pascals   United States    
Object CHILL    1992 Pascals   International    
Object Pascal    1985 Pascals   United States    
Object-CHILL    1990 Pascals   International   Proposed object-oriented extension of CHILL 
Occam    1982 Pascals   United Kingdom   Parallel Wirth Algol for Transputers 
OO-CHILL    1990 Pascals   International   Proposed object-oriented extension to CHILL 
P4 Pascal    1982 Pascals   United Kingdom   Pemberton and Daniels Pascal 
Parallel Pascal    1984 Pascals   United States    
PARIS    1991 Pascals   Russian Federation   Siberian parallel Pascal 
Pascal    1970 Pascals   Switzerland   Wirth's development of the Algol-W proposal 
Pascal-    1985 Pascals   Switzerland    
Pascal (ANSI)    1982 Pascals   United States    
Pascal (BS)    1982 Pascals   United Kingdom    
Pascal (ISO)    1983 Pascals   International    
Pascal (Jensen and Wirth)    1975 Pascals   Switzerland   1975 revision of Pascal 
Pascal Plus    1979 Pascals   Ireland    
Pascal*    1980 Pascals   United States    
PASCAL/11    1976 Pascals   United States   High level machine independent PASCAL 
Pascal/L    1982 Pascals   Sweden    
PASCAL/M    1981 Pascals   United Kingdom   Pascal with Modula Modules 
Pascal/MT    1986 Pascals   United States   CP/M Pascal 
PASCAL/MT+    1988 Pascals   United States    
Pascal/R    1980 Pascals   Germany    
Pascal/V    1994 Pascals   France    
Pascal++    1994 Pascals   Denmark    
Pascal+CSP    1982 Pascals   United States    
Pascal-2    1985 Pascals   United States    
Pascal-80    1980 Pascals   Denmark    
Pascal-F    1968 Pascals   United States    
Pascal-FC    1990 Pascals   United Kingdom    
PASCAL-I    1980 Pascals   International    
Pascal-Linda    1991 Pascals   United Kingdom    
Pascal-m    1986 Pascals   United States   Distributed Pascal 
Pascal-P    1983 Pascals   United States    
Pascal-S    1975 Pascals   Switzerland    
Pascal-SC    1982 Pascals   Switzerland    
Pascal-XSC    1991 Pascals   Germany    
Path Pascal    1978 Pascals   United States    
Platon    1975 Pascals   Denmark   Distributed Pascal 
PM2    1990 Pascals   Australia   Parallel Modula-2 
Poly Pascal    1987 Pascals   Denmark    
PPL    1978 Pascals   United Kingdom   portable systems language 
PREDULA    1991 Pascals   Sweden   Data-parallel Pascal 
Predula Nouveau    1994 Pascals   Sweden   Data-parallel Pascal 
Protel    1975 Pascals   Canada   Language with distributed modularity 
Real-Time Pascal    1982 Pascals   Denmark    
Robinson PASCAL    1981 Pascals   Australia   Proposed extensions to PASCAL 
S*    1976 Pascals   Canada   microprogramming language schema 
SB-MODULA    1981 Pascals   United States   Development extensions to MODULA 
SB-Pascal    1973 Pascals   United States    
Sequence Pascal    1985 Pascals   International    
Sequential Pascal    1970 Pascals   United Kingdom   Simplified Pascal with monitors 
Simone    1976 Pascals   Ireland    
SLAN    1976 Pascals   Germany    
Small Euclid    1988 Pascals   Canada   Testing susbset of Euclid 
SPIP    1977 Pascals   Switzerland    
Stanford Pascal    1971 Pascals   United States   Pascal at Stanford on CDC 
Super Pascal    1983 Pascals   International    
TPASCAL    1996 Pascals      
Turbo Pascal    1987 Pascals   United States    
UCSD Pascal    1976 Pascals   United States   Pseudocode Pascal from UCSD 
Vector PASCAL    1998 Pascals   United Kingdom    
W2    1988 Pascals   United States   Systolic array parallel language  
WebL    2000 Pascals   United States   Compaq web language 
WPASCAL    1987 Pascals     Waterloo PASCAL 
XCPL    1985 Pascals   United States   eXperimental Concurrent Programming Language  
ZOPL    1979 Pascals   United States   Systems language for GEAC library systems 
Zuse    1991 Pascals   Sweden