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1970s languages
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ACL    1971 Early Autocodes   United Kingdom   Systems language for ICL Atlas 
Actors    1971 Actor   United States   Agent based object parallel language 
AEPL    1971 Markovs   Israel   An Extensible Programming Language 
AGGIE    1971 Fortran I-III Variants   United States   FORTRAN II from TAMU 
ALADIN    1971 Arithmetic   France   Interactive maths system for IBM 360.  
ALC    1971 Assemblers   United States   IBM 360 assembly language 
ALLEGRO    1971   United States    
ALPHA    1971   United States   Data-query language based on relational calculus 
AMBUSH    1971   United States   Linear programming programming language 
ANALITIK    1971 Other Russian/Soviet   Russian Federation   Algorithmic language  
APS    1971 Symbolic assemblers   France   Assembly Programming System 
ASA    1971      
ASCENT    1971      
ASM    1971      
ASP    1971   United States   Artificial Scientific Programming 
ASPER    1971      
ASSIST    1971      
AUTOPOL    1971 Numerical Control   United States   AUTOmated Programming Of Lathes 
BA    1971      
BAL    1971 Assemblers   United States   IBM 360 assembly language 
BALM4    1971   United States    
Barron Conversational Fortran    1971   United Kingdom    
Basic Systems Language    1971   United States   Forerunner of PL/S 
BASIC/RT    1971   United States    
BELL-CODE    1971      
BELSIM    1971      
BULLCAT    1971     BULL Calcul Automatique des Temps 
CASDAL    1971   United States   High-level data language for the database machine CASSM 
CDCWIC    1971      
CDM    1971 Arithmetic     Control Data Mathematical programming 
CEMMA 2    1971   Poland   a simulation language 
CESSL    1971      
CIMPL    1971 Other PL/Is   United States    
CINEX-2    1971   Japan    
CLAM    1971   United Kingdom    
CLASP    1971   United States   Computer Language for AeronauticS and Programming - SPL subset 
COMIC    1971      
COMPUTE    1971 Arithmetic   United States   Interactive calulator for 7094 
COPAN    1971      
DAP    1971      
DAPHNE    1971      
Data Retrieval Language    1971 Ad hoc query languages      
Dectab    1971 Decision tables   United States   Courant Institute decision table language 
Deftab    1971 Decision tables   United States   Courant Institute decision table language 
DEL    1971 Intermediate languages and VMs   United States   Variable instruction set abstract interpreter 
DELPHI-SPEAKEASY    1971 Matrix   United States   Speakeasy ported to the DELPHI 
Donaghey and Ozkul Statistics Language    1971 Statistical   United States    
DYL260    1971   United States   Auditing language 
DYNAMAT    1971      
EAI ASSEMBLY    1971      
EASYTRAN    1971      
ECT    1971      
EDITOR    1971      
EIN    1971   United States    
ELAN    1971      
ELATE    1971   United States   Hughes Aircraft 
ELP    1971 External systems testing   United States   English language avionics testing 
ENLODE    1971      
EPOS ALGOL    1971 True ALGOL68s      
EPSYLON    1971      
ERL    1971 Response languages   United States   Evoked Response Language 
ESP    1971 Forecasting   United States   Econometric Software Package 
ETC    1971   United States    
EVA-LISP    1971 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
Extensible LSD    1971   United States    
FAS    1971      
FASBOL    1971 Patterns   United States   Snobol compiler 
FASP    1971      
Flocoder    1971 2-D Graphic Languages   United Kingdom   Flowchart-based languages 
FOCAL-71    1971 Generation of JOSS I   United States   1971 version of FOCAL 
FORCOM    1971      
FORMAL    1971   United States    
FREIBURGER CODE    1971      
GAMMATRAN    1971   United States    
GEFRC    1971      
Genotype    1971   Russian Federation   Linustics-centred array processing language 
GENTRAN    1971 FORTRAN IV standard   United Kingdom   Dialect of FORTRAN for the GENESYS system 
GLOSS    1971      
GPL/I    1971   Japan    
GPL/I    1971 2d shape   United States    
GPMS    1971   Japan    
GPSS 1100    1971 Process interaction   United States   GPSS for the UNIVAC 1100 
Graphics Language    1971   Japan    
GRIP    1971   United States    
GRIP-71    1971   United States    
Hatfield Basic    1971 Dartmouth Basics   United Kingdom   Teaching Basics 
Hocus Pocus    1971 Process interaction   United Kingdom   Algol based simulation language 
IBFAP    1971      
IBSFAP    1971      
ICPL    1971   United States    
Interactive STRUDL    1971 Civil   United States   Strudl for Timeshare systems plus graphics 
INTERP    1971 Generation of JOSS I   United States   Burroughs conversational system 
INZENYER    1971      
Irvine computer art language    1971 2d shape      
ISP    1971 Digital   United States    
ISPL    1971 Digital   United States   Instruction Set Processor Language 
ISPL    1971   United States   Incremental System Programming Language 
ISRCOMP    1971      
JCL    1971 Command systems   United States   Job Control Language 
JOVIAL J3B    1971   United States    
KFAPF    1971   Japan    
L-10    1971   United States    
LADD    1971   Japan    
LAFFF    1971   United States   Financial anaysis language 
LAMBDA    1971   United States    
LOUP    1971      
LSC    1971      
LSD    1971   United States   Language for Systems Development 
LSYD    1971      
MA/8    1971      
Macro SPITBOL    1971 Patterns   United States    
MAL    1971      
MAL    1971 Algebraic   United States   Boeing Matrix algebra language 
Manna and Waldinger 1971    1971      
MDL    1971 Strict evaluation LISPs   United States   LISP with data types and arrays 
Medela    1971   Netherlands    
META/PLUS    1971   United States    
MICMAC    1971      
Micro    1971 Microprogramming and HLAs   United States   Macro-assembler for microprogrammed processors  
MIRAGER    1971 Assemblers   United States   Micropgrogramming assembler 
MITRA    1971      
MOHAC    1971      
MOL-360    1971   United States    
MONITOR    1971      
MOST    1971 Macros     Macro-Oriented System Technique 
MP/1    1971   Canada    
MPL    1971 Microprogramming and HLAs   United States   MicroProgramming Language 
Muddle    1971 Strict evaluation LISPs   United States   LISP with data types and array 
MUSIC 10    1971 Sound-Synthesis   United States   Musical composition language 
NARP    1971      
NB    1971 CPL Algols   United States   Early version of C 
NEATA    1971   United Kingdom    
NEC    1971      
NERC    1971      
NROFF    1971   United States   New ROFF 
OCODE    1971   United Kingdom    
OSA    1971      
OSAP    1971      
OSAS-A    1971      
OSUSYS    1971      
OULP    1971      
PADSOL    1971      
PANEL    1971      
PASO 11    1971      
PATCH    1971      
PDQ    1971      
PEESPOL    1971 Microprogramming and HLAs   United States   UoI microprogramming system 
PGS    1971     Program Generator System 
Phrase Strcture FORTRAN    1971      
PHYSICTRAN    1971 Non Standard FIV   France   FORTRAN with units etc 
PICASSO    1971 2d shape   United States   LBL Interactive graphics language 
PIG 2    1971      
PIRL    1971 Graph   United States    
PIVOT    1971   United States   Program verification 
PL-11    1971 PL-360s   Switzerland   CERN PDP-11 systems language 
PLOTAN    1971 Printer control languages   United States   Generalised plotting routine for the 7904 
POPLER    1971   United Kingdom   Hybrid of PLANNER and POP-2 
PPG    1971      
PRETAB    1971      
Prolog    1971 Horn clause   France   Logic programming language 
PROSA    1971      
PS/8 FOCAL    1971 Generation of JOSS I   United States    
P-STAT    1971 Statistical   United States   Princeton stats package 
PSU-ICES    1971   United States    
RASS    1971   United States   Agricultural statistics package 
RCA-STAT    1971 Statistical   United States   RCA stats package 
REGENT    1971 2d shape   Germany   CAD Language 
ROFF    1971 Layout and display   United States   UNIX RUNOFF 
RTL    1971   United Kingdom    
RTL/1    1971   United Kingdom   Implementation ofRTL/I 
RUG    1971 Report Generators     Report and Update Program Generator 
S2    1971      
SAS    1971 Statistical   United States   Statistical Analysis System 
SCALPEL    1971      
SCEPTRE    1971 Expression oriented   United States   Circuit analysis system 
Scratchpad    1971 Symbolic   United States   General purpose interactive symbolic maths system 
SCRATCHPAD/1    1971 Symbolic   United States    
SEL    1971   Italy    
SEQAS    1971   Germany   Medical programming language  
sh    1971 Command systems   United States   Command language for UNIX 
SIMBOL    1971 Symbolic   United Kingdom   ICL SIMulated Boolean Oriented Language 
SIMPL    1971   United States   Interactive simulation language 
SIMPLE    1971 Other PL/Is   United States    
SIMPS    1971   Japan    
SIMSOL    1971   United States   CDC simulation language 
SIMULATE    1971      
SIP    1971      
SIRIUS    1971   United States    
SLI    1971      
Smalltalk    1971 Simple   United States    
SMIL    1971      
SNOWBALL    1971 Patterns      
SOCRATES    1971      
SOP    1971      
Speakeasy    1971 Algebraic   United States   Interactive expression-oriented language with plugins 
SPITBOL    1971   United States    
SPL    1971 Other PL/Is   Canada   Systems Programming Language 
SPL    1971   Germany   Simple Programming Language 
Stanford Pascal    1971 Pascals   United States   Pascal at Stanford on CDC 
STATJOB    1971 Statistical   United States    
STAT-PACK    1971 Statistical   Canada    
STRCOMP    1971      
Student PL/I    1971 Other PL/Is   Australia    
Sue    1971   Canada    
SURVO    1971      
SUSA    1971      
SWIFT    1971      
SYMBOL    1971 Category theory   United States   Hardware based data structure programming language 
SYMOB    1971     SYsteme MOdulaire Bull 
SYMSCRIPT    1971      
System/A    1971   United States    
TAMP    1971      
TAP    1971   United States   Macroassembler for the TREET system 
TAS    1971     Telefunken-Assembler-Sprache 
TEXAS    1971      
TEXT EDITOR    1971      
TL/I    1971      
TROL    1971      
TWO-D    1971 Flowcharts   United States   Flow-chart driven compiler 
UHFM    1971 Algebraic   United States   Formula manipulation language 
UMAP    1971      
UNCL    1971 Generation of JOSS II   United States   Language for the TEACH system 
VELOCODE    1971      
VFAP    1971      
W-20    1971      
WIPL    1971      
WITRAN    1971      
XS-3    1971      
Z-A    1971      
Z-ASSEMBLER    1971 Symbolic assemblers   United States    
Zoom    1971