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2.PAK    1975   Canada   AI language with coroutines. 
ABLE    1975 Other DPLs   United States   Auditors business language 
AGL    1975   France    
ALEPH    1975 Other Algol 60s   Netherlands   A Language Encouraging Program Hierarchy 
ALGOL 68 Revised    1975 True ALGOL68s   International    
ALGOL 68C    1975 True ALGOL68s   United Kingdom   Cambridge Algol 68 
Algol H    1975 True ALGOL68s   United Kingdom   Proposed extensions to the mode system of Algol 68 
Algol S    1975 True ALGOL60s   United Kingdom    
ALGOSIM    1975 Event scheduling   United States   Algol 68 based simulation 
AMPL    1975 Language-oriented   United States   Manusript preparation language 
APAL    1975   United Kingdom    
APLBOL    1975 Array   United States   APL written in SNOBOL 
APLUM    1975 Array   United States   APL2 for UM 
ASPLE    1975   United States   Paper language for demonstrating W-Grammars 
B    1975   Netherlands   Simple interactive programming environment 
B4Tran    1975 Non Standard FIV   United States   Structured Fortran 
BALG    1975   Germany    
BASIC-PLUS    1975 Street basics   United States    
BCY    1975 Other Algol 60s   China   Chinese ALGOL 60 
BESM Planner    1975 Forecasting   Russian Federation    
BETA    1975 Simple   Norway   Object oriented language  
BGRAF2    1975   Israel   Real-time graphics language 
BLISS-11    1975   United States   Bliss for PDP-11 
Burge    1975   United Kingdom    
CABALA    1975 Scientific Basics   Italy   Extensions to Basic for laboratory work 
CAYLEY    1975 Symbolic   Australia   Symbolic maths for group theory 
CBCL    1975   United States    
CDC-Pascal    1975 Pascals   United States   Pascal for te CDC 6000 
CDS/ISIS    1975 Hierarchical DB   France   UNESCO ISIS 
CELLSIM II    1975 Systems   United States   Cell population simulation language 
CENTRAN    1975 Microprogramming and HLAs   United States   High level macro assembler 
CHILI    1975      
CINTURN II    1975 Numerical Control      
CLYDE    1975      
COMOL    1975   Russian Federation    
Coroutine Pascal    1975 Pascals   United States    
CPL    1975   United States   DARPA Common Prototyping Language 
CS-4    1975 Wirth Algols   United States   Intermetrics System Lanugage 
csh    1975 Command systems   United States   Command language and environmnet for UNIX 
CSL    1975   United Kingdom    
CSP/k    1975   Canada   Concurrent SP/k 
CSSA    1975   Germany    
CUPID    1975 Other visual query languages   United States   Graphic interactive query language 
Dakin    1975 Command systems   United Kingdom   Generalised Job Control Language 
DAP Fortran    1975 Non Standard FIV   United Kingdom   Parallel fortran 
DARE P    1975 Differential Equations   United States   Continuous simulation languages 
DARE-II    1975 Differential Equations   United States   Continuous simulation languages 
DARMS    1975 Sound-Synthesis   United States   Music programming language 
DCG    1975   Sweden    
DECL    1975      
DEFINE    1975   United States    
DELISA    1975   United States    
DELTA    1975 Decision tables   Switzerland   Decision table language 
DELtran    1975 FORTRAN IV standard   United States   Fortran interpreted to DEL 
DIET    1975   United States    
DL*    1975   United States    
DMAP    1975 COBOL-68   United States   Parallel Cobol 
DOD specification    1975 Wirth Algols   United States    
DSL    1975   Denmark   Specification language 
DYNAMO HI/370    1975   United States    
ECSS    1975   United States   Simluations language 
ECSS II    1975   United States    
ECSSL    1975   Germany    
ELP    1975   United States    
EMPL    1975      
EPS    1975   United States    
EQN    1975   United States    
FILES    1975 Other DPLs   United States   Retrieval language for engineering 
FLEX    1975   United States    
FLING    1975   United States    
FOCAL-12    1975 Generation of JOSS I   United States   FOCAL for the PDP-12 
FORAL    1975   United States    
Framework Simula    1975 Event scheduling   Canada   Simula with frameworks 
Galois    1975 Symbolic   Australia   Symbolic maths 
GINO-F    1975   United Kingdom    
GPM    1975      
GPSS/H    1975 Process interaction   United States   Extended GPSS 
GRAP    1975   United States    
Grapheasy    1975   United States    
Greif formal specification language    1975   United States    
GRIP    1975   United States    
GRIP-75    1975   United States    
GT STRUDL    1975 Civil   United States   Georgia Tech STRUDL 
GTL    1975 Other lambda   Australia   General Tuple Language 
HOS-STPL    1975   United States    
HyCom    1975      
IDL    1975 Visualisation   United States   Interactive Data analysis Language 
IMAGE    1975   Canada    
ISL-II    1975 Event scheduling   United States   Interactive simulation language 
LALSD    1975      
LALSD II    1975      
LESK    1975   Canada    
Lex    1975 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United States   Scanner generator 
Lex    1975   United States   Specification language 
LIMP    1975      
LogLan    1975      
LOOP    1975      
LUCID    1975 Single-assignment   Canada   dataflow language 
MACROS    1975 Macros      
MAGEN II    1975 Arithmetic   United States   Matrix Generator 
MagmaLISP    1975 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Italy    
MAPLE    1975 Robotics   United States   IBM Robotics Assembly 
MBA    1975      
MIL75    1975   United States   Module Interconnection Language  
MINICODE    1975 Assemblers   Canada    
MINI-EXPLOR    1975 Animation   United States   Animatino language 
Minipascal    1975 Pascals   Germany    
Minnesota Pascal 6000    1975 Pascals   United States    
MIP    1975   United States    
MIRA    1975   Canada    
MIT-STRUDL    1975 Civil   United States   Evolution of STRUDL-II 
MLAB    1975      
ML-ll    1975   United States    
MLYACC    1975 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United Kingdom    
MODEL    1975   United States    
MORTRAN 3    1975 Non Standard FIV   United States    
Mouse    1975 Stack   United States    
MU5 Autocode    1975 3G Autocodes   United Kingdom   Autocode for Machester MU5 computer 
MUSIC 6    1975 Sound-Synthesis   United States   Musical composition language 
Nqthm    1975   United States    
OPAL    1975      
PADL    1975 Robotics   United States   Rochester parts assembler language 
Page    1975 Cell-based      
Pascal (Jensen and Wirth)    1975 Pascals   Switzerland   1975 revision of Pascal 
Pascal-S    1975 Pascals   Switzerland    
Pfeiffer and Hoehne dialog language    1975 Interface and windowing   Germany    
PFORT    1975   United States    
Phoenix    1975 Command systems   United Kingdom   Command language for IBM at Cambridge 
PICTOL    1975   United States    
PICTURES    1975      
PIN    1975   United States    
PL    1975 2d shape   Canada   Picture drawing language 
PL/0    1975 Wirth Algols   Switzerland   Model language of Wirth 
PL/CV    1975 Predicate   United States   Verifying logical dialect of PL/CS 
PL-6    1975 Other PL/Is   France    
PLASMA    1975   United States    
Platon    1975 Pascals   Denmark   Distributed Pascal 
POLAC    1975   United States    
Pop-11    1975   United Kingdom    
Principle of sufficient reason    1975   United States   Structure reforms for distributed processing 
PROGRESS    1975   Austria   RT language for air traffic control 
PROSE    1975 Hybrid   United States   Hybrid simulation language 
Protel    1975 Pascals   Canada   Language with distributed modularity 
Pygmalion    1975 Reactive     Visual languages 
QBE    1975 RDBMs   United States   Query By Example 
RABBIT    1975   United States   Compiler for Scheme 
RATFOR    1975   United States    
RCMOL    1975 Symbolic assemblers   Denmark   RC Machine Oriented Language 
REC    1975   United States    
REL English    1975   United States    
RTS    1975      
S/SL    1975 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   Canada   Syntax/Semantic Language 
SAINT II    1975   United States    
Scheme    1975   United States    
Sheltran    1975      
SIL    1975   United States   SNOBOL Implementation Language 
Simon 75    1975 Event scheduling   United Kingdom   GPSS based Simula dialect 
SKIMP    1975 Early Autocodes   United Kingdom   Teaching subset of IMP 
SL5    1975   United States    
SOL-370    1975   United States   Port of SOL to IBM System 370 
SP/k    1975 Other PL/Is   Canada    
SPECKLE    1975   Canada    
SPG    1975   United Kingdom    
SQL    1975 RDBMs   United States    
SQUARE    1975 RDBMs   United States    
STAB-11    1975      
STAPLE    1975      
Strawman    1975 Wirth Algols   United States    
STUBOL    1975 COBOL-68   New Zealand   Student's COBOL 
TDFL    1975   United States   Textual Dataflow Language 
TOMAL    1975   United States   Realtime language  
Turingol    1975      
Ultimate    1975 Ad hoc query languages   United States   Language for interactive Pick querying 
UTLISP    1975 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
VARLIST    1975      
VECTRAN    1975   United States    
VML    1975      
VS BASIC    1975   United States   Pooled resources BASIC for IBM 370 
Wassertheil-Smoller    1975   Germany    
Wizard    1975      
Woodenman    1975 Wirth Algols   United States    
Wyvill    1975 Editing and processing      
XTAB9    1975 Statistical   United States   Statistical language 
YACC    1975 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United States   Compiler Compiler