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1980s languages
Late Cold War
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ABLE    1981 List   United States   Array-enabled LISP 
ALGOL C    1981 True ALGOL60s   United Kingdom   Cambridge educational Algol 60 
AuditComputer    1981   United States    
BIGMAC    1981      
BOLT    1981      
Capsule    1981   United States   Modular extensions to Pascal 
CDLM    1981 Digital   Germany    
CHI    1981 Description languages   United States   Logic-based system for transformations 
CLG    1981   United States   Command Language Grammar 
Common LISP    1981 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   Consensus-based common dialect of LISP 
CONCISE    1981   United States    
CONCUR    1981      
Consul    1981   United States    
COPAS    1981 Pascals   United Kingdom   Conversational Pascal 
Cospol    1981   United Kingdom   Dialect of CSP 
CPL    1981   United States   Primos command language 
DCML    1981      
DCSL    1981      
DIANA    1981   United States   Descriptive Intermediate Attributed Notation for Ada 
DISCO    1981 Hybrid   Denmark   Simulation language 
Dislang    1981      
DISPEL    1981   United States   Run-Time Debugging Language 
DIST    1981      
DL1    1981   United Kingdom    
Elle    1981   Italy    
EPILOG    1981      
Eva    1981      
FLAN    1981 Vector   United States   Vector processing language 
FLIP    1981   France    
FOCAL-81    1981 Generation of JOSS I   United States   1981 version of FOCAL 
GENglish    1981      
GIRL    1981 2d shape   United States   Graphical input language 
GML    1981      
GORDAS    1981      
GPL    1981   United States   Graphical Data-driven Programming language 
GRUNCH    1981      
HDDL    1981   Netherlands   Philips dialogue definition language 
HIBOL    1981   United States   High Level COBOL 
HLL    1981   United States    
HYBSIS    1981 2d shape   Austria   Graphical simulation system 
IDL    1981      
IDMS    1981 2d shape   United States   Pictorial query language 
IF    1981      
IMPS    1981 Pascals   United States   Pascal module-capable dialect 
Interlisp-VAX    1981 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
IPSS/Rel    1981 2d shape   United States   Simulation language 
ITL    1981   United Kingdom    
Karel    1981   United States    
Karlsruhe AL    1981   Germany   Karlsruhe version of AL 
KBS    1981 Event scheduling   United States   Frames-based simulation language 
KRC    1981   United Kingdom   Kent Recursive Calculator 
LOGO-S    1981   United States   Proposed standard LOGO 
LPL    1981   Sweden   Logic Programming Language 
LPL0    1981   Sweden    
LZ    1981   United States    
MAD    1981      
MAMONT    1981   Russian Federation    
microAPL    1981 Array   United States   Microprogramming APL Dialect 
Micro-Dynamo    1981   United States    
micro-PRL    1981   United States    
microTAL    1981   United States    
MIDL    1981   Netherlands   MicroInstruction Description Language.  
MIN0    1981   United Kingdom    
Mock Lisp    1981 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
NAVMAP    1981      
NCRL    1981      
NEPAL    1981   United Kingdom    
OMEGA    1981   United States    
OPS6    1981 RETE and production   United States   Production system 
Pam    1981      
PASCAL/M    1981 Pascals   United Kingdom   Pascal with Modula Modules 
PCL    1981     Programmable Controller Language 
PDL/Ada    1981   United States   Program design language based on Ada  
PIDGIN    1981   United States   CP/M systems programming language 
PIXAL    1981      
PS-ALGOL    1981 True ALGOL60s   United Kingdom   Persistent Algol 
PSP    1981   United States    
RATMAC    1981   United States    
RBCSP    1981   United Kingdom    
Relational Language    1981   United Kingdom    
ROBART 1    1981 CAI languages   United States   Dialogue grammar based on BNF 
ROBEX    1981 Robotics   Germany   Robotics dialect of EXAPT 
Robinson PASCAL    1981 Pascals   Australia   Proposed extensions to PASCAL 
ROSIE    1981   United States   English-based AI language 
S*A    1981   Canada   high-level architecture description language 
SB-Mod    1981   United States    
SB-MODULA    1981 Pascals   United States   Development extensions to MODULA 
SEVAL    1981   Germany   Data validation language 
SL    1981 Tree   United States   Structure Language 
SLIM    1981      
SMP    1981 Arithmetic   United States    
SQURL    1981   United States    
SRL    1981 Frame languages   United States   Schema Representation language  
Standard Syntactic Metalanguage    1981      
Strand    1981      
STREX    1981   United States   String Extended FORTRAN 
SUSL    1981 Tree   United States   Selective Updating Structure Language 
TABLET    1981   United States    
TESI    1981   United States   APL for Pictorial Analysis  
Thoth    1981      
TINCMP    1981   United States   M4 Macro set for PIDGIN 
TSL    1981   United States    
UNBASIC    1981   United States    
UNIFORM    1981   Sweden    
UniSolid    1981   United States    
URL    1981   United States    
V    1981 Definition languages   United States    
V-Compiler    1981      
Y    1981   United States