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1970s languages
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ACCESS    1972 Ad hoc query languages   Norway   Norsk Data query Language 
ACL    1972   Canada   Audit Command Language 
AIDA    1972 Other DPLs   United Kingdom   ICL 4GL  
AL    1972      
ALA    1972   United States   Vector enabled Algol for CDC Star instruction set 
Alfred    1972      
Algol 68 with areas    1972 True ALGOL68s   United Kingdom   Addition of areas to Algol 68 
ALGOL 68RS    1972 True ALGOL68s   United Kingdom   Extended RS Algol 
ALGOL-E    1972 True ALGOL60s      
Anderson 1972    1972 Multiline   United States   Pen-input high level language 
APL/11     1972   Canada    
APL-Algol    1972 Map/Dictionary   United States   Associative Algol 
APLG    1972 2d shape   United States   APL with graphics extensions 
APLGOL    1972 Array   United States   APL with ALGOL-like control structures 
APL-PL/I    1972 Map/Dictionary   United States   Associative PL/I 
APL-SV    1972   United States   APL with IO 
ASPL    1972   United States    
associons    1972 Theoretical incl category based   Netherlands   Tuple based programming extensions 
AUTOGRAF    1972 2d shape   United States   Barchart creation language 
AUTOGRP    1972 Statistical   United States   Interactive statistical analysis 
BACCUS    1972   Japan    
Baroque    1972   United Kingdom   Logic programming language 
Benjamin editor    1972 Editing and processing   United States    
BLS    1972     BASIC Language System 
BML    1972 Other PL/Is   United States    
BRANCHEX    1972      
Burroughs 1700 System Interpreter    1972      
C    1972 CPL, BCPL and B   United States   Unix systems programming language 
CAPS    1972      
CATALYST/NBS    1972 CAI languages   United States   Authoring/Programming environment at UoP 
CDL    1972 HDLs     Computer Design Language 
CFD    1972 Hydraulic/hydrological   United States   Computational Fluid Dynamics. 
Circuit Compilation Language    1972   United States    
CISBOL    1972 Patterns   United States   SNOBOL compiler 
COBIT    1972      
Concurrent Pascal    1972 Pascals   United States   Dialect of Pascal which supports monitors  
CPM    1972   United Kingdom   POL for CPM 
CSMP III    1972   United States    
CTL    1972      
DATABUS    1972 Other DPLs   United States   DATApoint BUSiness Language.  
DDL    1972   United States   CODASYL Data Definition Language 
DDL    1972   United States   Data Definition Language 
DETAB/GT    1972 Decision tables   Switzerland   Decision table language 
DFPL    1972 Single-assignment   United States   Pure graphical dataflow language 
DISPLAY    1972   United States    
DML    1972 Hierarchical DB   United States   Data manipulation language for IMS 
DMS2    1972   United States    
DOVPA    1972   Netherlands    
EASY    1972     Educational paper language 
EASY    1972 Intermediate languages and VMs   United States   Intermediate language 
ELF    1972   United States    
ELHILL    1972 Information Retrieval   United States   Text retrieval language 
EOL-3    1972 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   Poland   Expression Oriented Language  
EXPLOR    1972 Animation   United States   Animation language 
FATAL    1972      
FGRAAL    1972 Graph   United States   Fortran Graph extensions 
FMS    1972   Japan    
FOCAL/F    1972 Generation of JOSS I   United States   FOCAL for the PDP OS/8 
FOLDS    1972      
FORMAL-2    1972   Japan    
FOSPLAN    1972      
FPL    1972 Response languages   United States   Medical application language 
GAN    1972      
GENIE    1972 Other DPLs   United Kingdom   ICL 4GL 
Gentleman's Portable Coroutine System    1972 Non Standard FIV   United States    
GNOSIS    1972 CAI languages   Sweden    
GPSSS    1972 Event scheduling   Canada   Simula 67 with enhanced simulation capabilities 
GRAAL    1972 Graph   United States   Graphic extension to Fortran 
GRAPHOS    1972 Cell-based   United States   Visual macro system 
GRASS    1972 2d shape   United States    
GTL    1972 Other Algol 60s   United States   Georgia Tech Algol 
HAL/S    1972 Multiline   United States   NASA realtime control language 
HARVEY    1972 Other Wirth Algols   United States   ICR Bliss dialect 
Hoare super-structured Algol    1972 True ALGOL60s   United Kingdom   Algol with sets, subsets, orders etc 
HTAB    1972   United Kingdom    
IA/1    1972   Sweden    
IMP72    1972 Other Algol 60s   United States   Extensible Algol 
IMPRESS    1972   United States    
INTCODE    1972 Initial orders   United Kingdom    
INTERCAL    1972 Other algorithmic   United States    
Jensen and Fraser    1972   United States    
KEYBOL    1972      
LABTRAN    1972   United States    
LAPREC    1972     LAngage de Programmation pour Ecran Cathodique 
LAX    1972   Sweden   Thorelli low level conversational system 
LAX    1972   United States    
lc    1972   United States    
LCF    1972 Symbolic   United Kingdom   Logic for Computable Functions 
ld    1972   United States    
LEFT    1972 Editing and processing     Language for Editing and Formatting Text 
lg    1972   France    
LIDIA    1972     Lernen Im DIAlog 
LISP70    1972 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
L-Machine    1972      
LSE    1972 Street basics   France   concurrent basic 
MACKSIM    1972   Canada    
MACROGENERATOR    1972 Macros   United Kingdom    
MADAM    1972      
MADCAP Terminal Language    1972 Multiline   United States   Terminal language for Maniac 
MADCAP VI    1972 Multiline   United States    
MANTRAN    1972      
Martin-Löf types    1972 Symbolic      
MARVEL    1972      
MATLAN    1972 Arithmetic     MATrix LANguage 
MAXPLANE    1972      
MESY    1972      
METAVISU    1972   France    
MGRL    1972     MIND Grammar Rule Language 
MIMO    1972      
MINI-FIRMS    1972      
MiVT AVTOKOD    1972 Moscow languages   Russian Federation   predecessor to the Elebris Autocode 
MLISP2    1972 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
MPGS    1972 Microprogramming and HLAs   Japan   high level microprogramming language 
MPS    1972   United States    
MRC    1972   United States    
MUDDLE    1972   United States    
MUSTRAN    1972   United States    
MUSTRAN II    1972   United States    
MVC    1972 Statistical   United Kingdom   Multiple Variate Counter 
MYTH    1972      
Nassi-Shneiderman charts    1972 Flowcharts   United States   Graphical programming formalism 
NORD PL    1972 PL-360s   Norway   NORD-10 PL360 
NTSYS    1972 Statistical      
OPAL    1972 Other algorithmic   United States    
ORION    1972   Switzerland    
OSCL    1972     Operating SystemControl Language 
OSIRIS II    1972 Statistical   United States    
OSSL    1972 Digital   United States    
PAGE    1972 Character and symbology   United States    
PARSEC    1972 Other PL/Is   United States    
PDELAN    1972 Difference Equations   United States   Fortran partial differential equation 
PDS/MaGen    1972   United States    
PEARL    1972   United States    
PIT    1972      
PL/2    1972     Programming Language 2 
PL/B    1972 Other DPLs   United States   Programming language for Business 
PL/I Checkout Compiler    1972 IBM PL/Is   United Kingdom    
PL/M    1972 PL-360s   United States   Programming Language/Microcomputers 
PLUTO    1972 Other PL/Is   Canada   U Toronto Teching PL/I 
POLO    1972      
POOMAS    1972   United States    
PROGRESS    1972   United States    
PROTEE    1972      
PUB    1972 Layout and display   United States   Text-formatting language 
RASTA    1972     Problemorientierte Programmiersprache zur Berechnung RAeumlicher STAbwerkeI  
RED    1972 Strict evaluation FPs   United States   Backus formalism of language 
RIL    1972   United States   Representation accessing language 
Ritm    1972      
RTL/2    1972 Partial A68 only   United Kingdom   real-time language based on ALGOL 68 
S0    1972 PL-360s   Germany   PL360 for the Telefunken TR8G 
SASL (2nd version)    1972 Polymorphic   United Kingdom   Lazy evaluation SASL 
SASP I    1972 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United States   Syntactically Analyzed String Processor 
SCADS    1972      
SCAN    1972 Text analysis     Conversational programming language for text analysis 
SCOPE    1972 External systems testing     Simple Checkout-Oriented Programming languagE 
SHRDLU    1972      
SIGMA    1972 Algebraic   Switzerland   Interactive maths system based on CFS 
SIMPL    1972   United States   Family of extensible structured languages 
SIMPL/I    1972   United States   PL/I-based simulation 
SIMPL-AI    1972   United States   AI dialect of SIMPL 
SIMPL-G    1972 Graph   United States   SIMPL for graphs 
SIMPL-PRL    1972 Patterns   United States   Pattern version of SIMPL 
SIMPL-R    1972   United States   SIMPL-T for reals 
SIMPL-RD    1972   United States   Portable systems versino of SIMPL 
SIMPL-S    1972   United States   Systems language derived from SIMPL-D 
SIMPL-X    1972   United States   GP extensible language 
SKOL    1972   United States    
SLAMS    1972     Simplified Language of Abstract Mathematical Structures 
SLICK    1972   United States    
Smalltalk-72    1972 Simple   United States    
SNAP    1972   United States    
SNIBBOL    1972   United States    
SNOBOL X    1972 Patterns   Canada   Generalised Snobol 
SNOBOL4B    1972 Patterns   United States   Snobol with 3d character blocks 
Speakeasy 2    1972 Matrix   United States   Speakeasy with extra functions and graphics 
SPEAKEASY 3    1972 Algebraic   United States   Version 3 of Speakeasy 
SPITBOL 360    1972 Patterns   United States   SNOBOL4 compiler for IBM 360 
SPL    1972 PL-360s   United States   HP System Programming Language 
SPL    1972 Statistical   United States   Stats extensions to FORTRAN IV 
SPL    1972   United States   Structured Programming Language 
SPM    1972   United Kingdom    
STEP    1972      
SURVIVAL    1972   Japan    
SYNTEX    1972      
SYSTEMATICS    1972 Decision tables   United Kingdom   Decision table based systems language 
Table Language    1972 Decision tables   Japan   Decision table language 
TACTICS    1972 Decision tables   United States   Decision table system 
THEMIS    1972   United States   Distributed graphics processor system  
TUNA    1972      
VEL    1972 Strict evaluation LISPs   United States    
VL1    1972 2d shape   Poland   Picture representation by variable vlaued logic 
VOCODER    1972 Sound-Synthesis   United States   Voice synthesis language 
XBASIC    1972 Street basics   United States