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1970s languages
High Cold War
Fourth generation

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*n    1973   United States    
1.pak    1973 Graph   Canada   Goal-directed graph-pattern-matching language 
ABC ALGOL    1973 True ALGOL60s   Netherlands   ALGOL 60 extension for symbolic math 
ADC    1973      
ADPPRS    1973      
ALIAS    1973 Pascals   Netherlands   Bliss variant 
AP/1    1973      
APLBAGS    1973 2d shape   United States   Graphical extensions to APL 
APLGOL-2    1973   United States    
ASPOL    1973   United States    
ASTAP    1973   United States    
AUT-QE    1973   Netherlands    
BASCMP    1973   United States    
BEDSOCS    1973 Process interaction   United Kingdom    
BELTEL    1973      
BEST400    1973 Report Generators   United States   BESTOP language 
Birtwhistle GPSSS    1973   United Kingdom    
BUILD    1973 3d shape   United Kingdom   Solid modelling language 
CAGES    1973   United States    
CAISYS    1973   United States    
CAL    1973   United States    
CDLM    1973 HDLs   United Kingdom   Manchester CDL 
CELLSIM    1973 Systems   United States   Cell population simulation 
CHEMCSMP    1973 Chemical process languages   United States   CSMP dialect with special features for chemistry modelling 
CHIEF    1973   Netherlands    
CLAG    1973 Process interaction   Netherlands   Online simulation system 
CLEOPATRA    1973   United States    
CLISP    1973 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
COBRA    1973 Macros   United Kingdom   Macro extension system for COBOL 
COMAL    1973 Street basics   Denmark    
COMPUTER DESIGN    1973 HDLs      
COMSKEE    1973 Text analysis   Germany   String analysis language 
CONNIVER    1973   United States    
Criterion COBOL Compiler    1973 COBOL-68   United Kingdom   NCR Cobol  
DBTG    1973   United States    
DECIBLE    1973      
DEFT    1973 FORTRAN IV standard   Canada   Structured FORTRAN 
DESPL/l    1973 Event scheduling   United States   Discrete event simulation language 
DETOL    1973 External systems testing     Test control language 
DG/L    1973 Other Algol 60s   United States   Data General Algol 60 
DGL    1973      
DISSPLA    1973      
DMAD    1973   United States    
DSDML    1973      
EASEy    1973   Germany    
EGS3    1973 Monte Carlo   United States   SLAC Monte Carlo system 
ELFBOL    1973   United States    
EXEL    1973   France    
FAPS    1973      
File Composition    1973      
FLUB    1973 Symbolic assemblers   United States   Assembler for abstract machine 
FOL    1973   United States    
FORMAC 73    1973   Germany    
FOSIL    1973 Command systems   United States   Portable job control language 
GASP IV    1973 Hybrid   United States   General Activity Simulation Program  
GCL    1973   United States   General Control Language 
GERTS III QR    1973 Event scheduling   United States   Graphical simulation system 
glue    1973   United Kingdom    
GOAL    1973 Multiline   United States   Ground Operations Aerospace Language  
GRAPHIC    1973      
grep    1973 Patterns   United States   regular expression parser as a command line tool for unix 
grok    1973      
grok    1973   Denmark    
GROPE    1973 Graph   United States   Graph processing language 
GSL    1973 Event scheduling     Generalized Simulation Language 
GSL    1973   France   Grenoble System Language 
HELP    1973 Macros   United States   FLIP in WISP 
HOLON    1973   Belgium    
IFTRAN    1973 Non Standard FIV   United States   FORTRAN for structured programming 
IMP    1973 Columnar sheets   United States   OMNITAB variant 
ISL    1973 Event scheduling   United States   Interactive Simulation Language 
ISTRAN    1973   Germany    
JAP    1973   Poland    
JOVIAL J73    1973 Jovials   United States   1973 Version of JOVIAL 
KAPPA-SPEAKEASY    1973   United States    
Keen Labanotation Compiler    1973   Australia    
LAMA    1973 Robotics   United States    
LE/1    1973   France    
LINGOL    1973   United States    
LIS    1973 Wirth Algols   France   Langage Implementation Systeme - protoAda 
LLAMA    1973 Robotics   United States   Robotics control language 
LMAD    1973      
Lorel    1973   Japan    
LOT    1973      
LPL    1973 List   United States   List processing language 
MaGen/PDS    1973   United States    
MAPL    1973   United States    
Marseille Prolog    1973 Horn clause   France    
MBALM    1973   United States   Microprogrammed BALM 
METASIM    1973   United States    
MFS    1973   France    
MINI    1973 Robotics   United States   robotics language 
Mizar    1973 Algebraic   Poland    
ML    1973 Strict evaluation FPs   United Kingdom   Meta Language 
MORTRAN    1973 Non Standard FIV   United States   Dialect of FORTRAN for structural programming 
MORTRAN 2    1973 Non Standard FIV   United States    
M-Prolog    1973 Horn clause   France    
MUSIC 11    1973 Sound-control   United States   Musical composition language 
MUSICOL    1973      
Nucleus    1973      
OL/2    1973   United States    
ORAKEL    1973      
OSIRIS III    1973 Statistical   United States    
PAD    1973 Interface and windowing   Germany   Programming by example 
Partridge    1973 Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United States    
PAS-II    1973   United States    
PD Strudl    1973 Civil   United States   Phi Delta STRUDL 
PDL    1973   United States   Program Design Language  
PDL/74    1973   United States   Program Design Language 1974 
PEGS 3    1973   United States    
PILOT-73    1973      
PIVOT Input language    1973   United States   INput language for the PIVOT theorem prover 
PL/CD    1973   United States    
PL/CI    1973   United States    
PL/EXUS    1973 XPLs   United States   USer-extensible XPL 
PL316    1973 PL-360s   United Kingdom   316 port of PL-360 
PLANNER-73    1973   United States    
PLCV    1973   United States    
POGOL    1973 Editing and processing   United States   Advanced file manipulation system 
POP-10    1973   Canada    
POPCORN    1973   United Kingdom    
PORT-ALG    1973      
PROPOSAL WRITING    1973      
PS 1    1973      
PSL/II    1973   United States   Problem Statement Language/version 2  
QLISP    1973 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   Questioning LISP 
RCL    1973   United States   Reduced Control Language 
SB-Pascal    1973 Pascals   United States    
SB-Prolog    1973 Horn clause   United States    
SDL    1973     Burroughs Software Development Language 
SEARCH    1973   United States    
SED    1973 Editing and processing   United States   Stream Editor 
SEMANOL(73)    1973   United States    
SEQUEL    1973 RDBMs   United States   Limited expression language for data querying 
SETLB    1973   United States    
SETS    1973      
SFTRAN    1973   United States    
SFTRAN3    1973 Non Standard FIV   United States   JPL Structured Fortran 
SHRIMP    1973 Columnar sheets   United States   OMNITAB variant 
SIMCMP    1973   United States    
Simnon    1973      
SIMTRAN    1973   United States    
SIMUL    1973   United Kingdom    
SIMUL. DIG. SYST.    1973      
SITBOL    1973   United States    
SPECL    1973   United States    
SPICE    1973 2d shape   United States   Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis 
SPIFFY    1973 Non Standard FIV   United States   Structured FORTRAN IV from BOEING 
SPIL    1973   United States    
SPL    1973   United States   SYMBOL Programming Language 
STS    1973      
SWL    1973      
SYMPL    1973   United States   CDC systems language 
SYSTEM 2000    1973 Labelled Matrix   United States    
TASS    1973 Assemblers   United Kingdom   Intermediate language produced by the Manchester SISAL compiler 
TBLTRN    1973   United States    
TICS    1973      
TOPPS    1973   Canada    
TROLL    1973 Forecasting   United States   Array language for econometrics  
TXTPAD    1973   United States    
UCI-LISP    1973 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
UNIQUE    1973 Command systems   United States   Job control language 
UNRAVEL    1973      
VERS2    1973 Generalised programming   United States   Generalised programming language 
VIPTRAN    1973   United States    
VIS    1973   United States    
Vlisp    1973 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   France    
WAVE    1973   United States   Robotics language 
WFL    1973      
Wolofsky Labanotation Compiler    1973   United States    
WRITECOURSE    1973 CAI languages      
WYLBUR    1973   United States    
ZAPP    1973 Animation   Canada   Animation generation language