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1970s languages
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ABAL    1974   United States   Teaching language for Boolean algebra 
ADS    1974   United States   Automatic documentation language 
Alphard    1974 Pascals   United States   Pascal with data abstraction 
Analitik-74    1974 Other Russian/Soviet   Russian Federation   New version of Analitik 
APG    1974      
APG    1974   United States    
Argonne proving system    1974   United States    
ARPL    1974   United States    
ARTSPEAK    1974   United States    
ASSIRIS    1974      
Augment    1974   United States    
AUTASCRIPT    1974   United States    
AUTASIM    1974   United States    
Autopass    1974 Robotics   United States   Parts assembly language for robotic manufacturing 
AUTOPIT III    1974   Germany    
BAL    1974   France    
BDL    1974   United States   High-level IBM database language for describing business applications 
BLISS/10    1974   United States    
BOLTS    1974      
CAFE    1974   United Kingdom   Job Control Language 
Cesil    1974   United Kingdom    
Chinese Algol     1974 True ALGOL60s   China   Algol 60 in Chinese glyphs 
Chupin    1974   France    
CLU    1974 Pascals   United States   CLUster programming language - abstractions and iterators 
COALA    1974      
COBOL 74    1974 COBOL 74   International   ANS COBOL X3.23-1974  
CSAX    1974      
CSI IBM 360 MACROS    1974      
DALI    1974 2d shape   United States   Graphical display language 
Davies decision table simulation language    1974 Decision tables   United States   Simulation language with decision tables 
DDN    1974 Single-assignment   United States   Data-Driven Nets 
DECTAT    1974 Decision tables   United Kingdom   Decision table generator 
Dennis dataflow    1974 Single-assignment   France    
DRAFT    1974      
DS/3    1974      
ELAN    1974 Pascals   Germany   Language for teaching structured programming 
ELI    1974 Strict evaluation LISPs   United States   Embedded Lisp Interpreter 
EPL    1974 Forecasting   United States   Economic Programming Language  
EXEC    1974   United States    
FALCON    1974 Algebraic   Italy    
FLOW    1974      
FORTRAN-based non-deterministic language    1974 Non Standard FIV      
Frames    1974 Frame languages   United States   Minsky's pioneering FRL 
GEOMED    1974   United States    
GERMINAL    1974 2d shape   France   Itegrated CAD system 
Glushkov R-algebra    1974   Russian Federation    
GOLUX    1974   United Kingdom    
GPL    1974 PL-360s   Japan   Genken Programming Language 
Hainaut LeCharlier    1974   France    
HLISP    1974 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
HQL    1974      
HSL/1    1974      
IDS/II    1974   United States    
IMP 2    1974 Early Autocodes   United Kingdom    
Info BASIC    1974   United States    
INFORM    1974      
INTERLISP-10    1974 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
ISBL    1974 RDBMs   United Kingdom   IBM Peterlee experimental relational algebra 
ISIS    1974 Hierarchical DB   Switzerland    
Kasvand    1974      
KUL GPM    1974   Belgium    
KUL STAGE2    1974   Belgium    
L0    1974   Germany    
L4    1974      
Lambda-Reduction    1974      
LE/2    1974   France    
LEGOL    1974      
LIL    1974   United States   Little Implementation Language 
LINUS    1974 Other algorithmic   United States   Instructional algorithmic language 
LISP Machine LISP    1974 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
LO11    1974 PL-360s   United States    
LP-15    1974 PL-360s   France   CII Mitra port of PL-360 
Macro-11    1974 Macros   United States    
Mary    1974 Partial A68 only   Norway    
MAXIMOP    1974   United Kingdom    
MIDAS    1974 Visualisation   United States   Data visualisation language 
Mini PL/I    1974 Other PL/Is   Italy   Olivetti PL/I subset 
MINIVITAL    1974   United States    
MIRIAM    1974   Denmark    
MPL    1974 Macros   France   Macro Processor Language 
NATAL    1974      
NAVTRANSTAB    1974      
NETFORM    1974   Netherlands    
NJCL    1974   France   Network Job Control Language 
NODAL    1974 Generation of JOSS I   Switzerland   High level declarative language for physics research 
NSCRIPT    1974 Editing and processing   United States   Text-processing scripting command language 
PACOL    1974   Israel   Language to control programming components 
Pasqual    1974   Canada    
PDEL-ID    1974 Differential Equations   United States   Distributed differential equation 
PDL    1974 Semantic descriptions     Pictorial description language 
PIXIN    1974   United Kingdom    
PL/CS    1974 Other PL/Is   United States   PL/I subdialect for the CPS 
PL/MIX    1974 PL-360s   United States   MIX version of PL360 
PL/PROPHET    1974 Other PL/Is   United States    
PL/S-II    1974 Other PL/Is   United States    
PL4    1974 List   Canada   Experimental Simula language for list processing 
PLIS7    1974 PL-360s   Denmark   IS7 port of PL360 
PLR    1974   Germany    
POFAC    1974   Belgium    
PROCSIM    1974 Expression oriented   Australia   Simulation language for processors 
PROPHET    1974 Chemical formula languages   United States   Chemical informatics language 
PS 440    1974 PL-360s   Germany   PL 360 for the Telefunken TR 440  
PSG2    1974   United States    
PSNLST    1974      
PUMPKIN    1974      
Pygmalion    1974 Reactive   United States    
QUIKJOB    1974   United States    
RDL    1974   United States    
RENDEZVOUS    1974   United States    
RSL    1974      
SAINT    1974 Event scheduling   United States    
SHAZAM    1974 Animation   United States   Smalltalk animation language 
SIMPL    1974 True ALGOL60s   United States   Horizonatally sequenced Algol  
SIMULOGO    1974   Canada    
SIXBOL    1974   United States    
SLICK II    1974   United States    
Smalltalk-74    1974 Simple   United States    
SMOOTH    1974   United States    
SNOBOL+    1974 Tree   Israel   SNOBOL4 with trees 
SNOBOLY    1974 Patterns   Canada   SNOBOL dialect with Algol control structures 
SNOFLEX    1974 Patterns   United States    
SOL    1974 Semantic   United Kingdom   Semantic Operating Language 
SYDEL    1974      
TAB-360    1974 Decision tables   United Kingdom    
TABLEMASTER    1974   United Kingdom    
TABN    1974   United Kingdom   Decision table pogram 
Tamir SNOBOL    1974 Patterns   Israel   SNOBOL 4 with structures 
TPL    1974   United States    
TRAK    1974   Belgium    
TROFF    1974 Layout and display   United States   Typesetter Runoff 
TUTOR    1974 CAI languages   United States   Scripting for CAI 
UCD MUMPS    1974      
UMTA    1974      
Van Emden and Kowalsi extended Prolog    1974   United Kingdom    
VIPTRAN2    1974   United States    
Vuellemin dataflow    1974   France    
WHELP    1974 Arithmetic   United States   Paedogogical Linear programming system