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AAIMS    1979 Array   United States   Array-based querying system 
ABEL    1979 OO C family   Norway   OO Language with specification semantics 
Abstracto    1979   Netherlands   Algorithm description language 
Abstracto 84    1979   Netherlands    
ACL    1979   United States   Application controller language 
ACSL    1979   United States   Advanced Continuous Simulation Language 
Actus    1979   United States    
Ada    1979   United States   US DoD general purpose language 
Ada-O    1979   Germany   Ada subset used for compiler bootstrapping 
ADM    1979      
ALGOL 68-RT    1979 True ALGOL68s   United Kingdom   Parallel ALGOL 68-R  
ALICE    1979   Netherlands   ALeph Intermediate CodE 
APLOMB    1979 Array   Italy   Structural extensions to APL 
APLSF    1979 Array   United States   DEC APL with shared system functions and system variables 
ASBAL    1979 Stack   United States   Stack-based language derived from CLU 
ASTRA    1979      
Astral    1979   United States   Database language 
AT370    1979   United States   AT extensions to APL/360 
A-TABLE Lisp    1979 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
ATLAS    1979 2d shape   Japan   Visual querying system for geographical information systems 
ATOL    1979   United Kingdom    
AWK    1979   United States   String processing language 
BASEX    1979   United States   Real-time BASIC dialect 
BASIL    1979   United States   HLL for Logic machine 
BEST1    1979 Report Generators   United States   BESTOP outputting PL/I 
BlooP    1979   United States    
BNA    1979   Germany    
Bristle Blocks    1979      
CAMAC    1979   United States    
CCNPascal    1979 Pascals   United States   Concurrent pascal dialect  
CGGL    1979   United States    
CIL    1979   United States    
COSY    1979      
COSY    1979 Graph   United Kingdom    
Cray Fortran    1979   United States   Array processing FORTRAN for the Cray 
CSL    1979      
CSSA    1979   Germany   Application language for INCAS 
CYBER-LISP    1979 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
DAPLEX    1979   United States   Data language 
DDA    1979      
DMATRAN    1979      
DOC    1979   United States   Tex processing and formatting language 
DPL    1979 C family   United States   mmp Parallel Language 
Edinburgh LCF    1979   United Kingdom    
EFL    1979   United States   Extended FORTRAN Language 
ELLA    1979   United Kingdom    
EQL    1979   Japan    
Etude    1979 Sound-Synthesis   United States   Music programming language 
FGL    1979   United States   Flow Graph Lisp 
FGL    1979   United States   Function Graph Language. 
FlooP    1979   United States   Toy imperative language 
FOCAL    1979   United States   Forty-One CAlculator Language 
FOCUS    1979 Hierarchical DB   United States   Hierarchical database language 
FORTH 79    1979   United States    
FSCAN    1979      
GADS    1979 2d shape   United States   Geographical query language 
GC    1979   United States    
GDDL    1979 2d shape   Japan   Geographical data description language 
GEO-QUEL    1979 2d shape   United States   Geographical extensions to QUEL 
Goulet and Donaghey Information Language    1979      
GRAM    1979   Denmark    
HARVEST    1979      
Herbison-Evans Movement Language    1979      
HYPOL    1979 Labelled Matrix   India   Integrated DB language 
IC-Prolog    1979 Horn clause   United Kingdom    
IGL    1979 2d shape   Japan   Geographical query language 
ILIAD    1979   United States    
INTERCOL    1979   United States   module interconnection language  
IPS    1979      
IQ    1979      
ISPS    1979 Digital   United States   Operational hardware specification language 
KATE    1979      
KELUS    1979   Poland    
LAS    1979 Algebraic     Algebra system 
LAX2    1979      
Leitz TAS    1979      
LGN    1979      
LIL    1979   United States    
LIMP    1979   United Kingdom   Language for Implementing Messages and Protocols 
LIMPET    1979   United Kingdom   Subset of LIMP 
LR    1979      
MACRO    1979   United States    
MAP    1979   United States   Macro Preoprocessor for Pascal 
MDL    1979     Machine Definition Language 
MICRO-BALM    1979      
MICRODARE    1979   United States    
MIIS    1979   United States   Dialect of Mumps 
MINITAB II    1979 Columnar sheets   United States   Interactive statistical programming 
MMSFORTH    1979      
MODEL II    1979 Modelling   United States   Evolution of Model 
MUSTRAN 4    1979   United States    
NETL    1979 Frame languages   United States    
NIL    1979   United States   New implementation of Lisp 
NQUEL    1979   Switzerland    
OBJT    1979   United States    
Ollongren    1979      
OPS3    1979 RETE and production   United States   Official Production System version 3 
OPS4    1979 RETE and production   United States   Official Production System version 4 
OPS5    1979 RETE and production   United States   Official Production System version 5 
PAL    1979   Japan    
Parlance    1979      
Pascal Plus    1979 Pascals   Ireland    
PASCAL/GRAPH    1979   Austria    
PCL    1979     A Process Oriented Job Control Language 
PHI    1979 Frame languages   United States   KBS 
PILE    1979      
PLITS    1979      
PLY    1979   United States    
PLZ    1979   United States    
POL    1979   Italy   Mathematical programming language 
polyFORTH    1979      
Port    1979      
PRESENT    1979      
PSL    1979 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   Portable Lisp 
Q-GERT    1979 2d shape   United States   Graphical simulation system 
QLOG    1979      
QUEST    1979 Other DPLs   United States   Hybrid query language 
Qwiktran    1979      
RDL    1979   United States   Requirements and Development Language 
REBEL/BASIC    1979      
RED1    1979   United States    
REXX    1979   United Kingdom    
RIDL    1979      
Rigel    1979   United States    
Rosetta SMALLTALK    1979      
RS Algol    1979 True ALGOL68s   United Kingdom    
S-Algol    1979 True ALGOL60s   United Kingdom   St Andrew's Algol 
Sassa Macro Processor    1979   Japan   Algol-style macro generator 
SCAN    1979   United States    
SIML/I    1979   United States   System simulation language 
SIMPL-D    1979   United States   SIMPL with data abstraction extensions 
Simple Euclid    1979   United States   simpiflication of Euclid 
SIS    1979   Denmark   Semantics Implementation System 
SMACK    1979 Macroassemblers   United States   Macro package for MIL 
SMALL    1979      
SNePS    1979 Frame languages   United States    
SOL    1979      
Spacemaker    1979   Slovenia    
STAMPS    1979   Japan    
Standard Lisp    1979 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
STAR    1979   Japan    
STEP    1979   Russian Federation    
SUGAR    1979      
SUILVEN    1979      
SUPERMAC    1979   United Kingdom   Embeddable macroprocessor 
SYSLISP    1979 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
TAL    1979   United States   Tandem systems language 
TAL    1979   United States   Hazeltine CAI language 
TAU    1979   United States   Compiler for T 
TBL    1979   United States   TAble description language 
TC    1979   United States   T-Compiler 
Thalmann    1979     Medical database language 
Theseus    1979   United States    
ThingLab    1979   United States    
Toronto Euclid    1979   Canada    
TRIP    1979      
U-Code    1979   United States   Universal P-Code 
UCS    1979   United States   Universal Compiler System 
UNIT Package    1979 Frame languages   United States    
Utopia 84    1979   United States    
V    1979   United States   Graphic language 
VAL    1979   United States   Value-oriented Algorithmic Language 
VORELLE    1979   Germany   Decision table generator 
Wyoming structured APL    1979 Array   United States   APL with Dijkstra's structures 
YALLL    1979   United States   High level assembly 
ZCODE    1979      
ZetaLisp    1979 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
ZOPL    1979 Pascals   United States   Systems language for GEAC library systems