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1980s languages
Late Cold War
Fourth generation

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*MOD    1980 Pascals   United States   Concurrent MOdula 
51forth    1980 Stack   United States   Forth for the 8051 
ACL    1980   Australia   A Coroutine Language 
Ada1    1980   United States    
AdaTran    1980   United States    
ADLIB    1980 Digital   United States   Superset of PASCAL with concurrency 
AE    1980   United States   embeddable c interpeter 
AIDA    1980   Germany   intermediate representation language for Ada 
ALGOL 68+    1980 True ALGOL68s   Netherlands   Superlanguage of ALGOL 68 
ALGOL(E)    1980 True ALGOL60s   United Kingdom   ICL Algol 60 
ALICE    1980 Array   Canada   Typed APL 
AML    1980   United States   High-level robotics language 
And/Or    1980   Israel   Simple tree-like programming/specification language  
Andante    1980      
ANORAD    1980   United States    
ANSI BASIC    1980   United States   Standardised BASIC 
ANVIL    1980      
Apple Pascal    1980 Pascals   United States   UCSD Pascal for the Apple II 
APSE    1980   United States   Ada Programming Support Environment 
ARES    1980   Japan    
ASI/INQUIRY    1980   United States    
Avtokod Elebrus    1980 Moscow languages   Russian Federation    
Babbage    1980 PL-360s   United Kingdom    
Barrel    1980   United States    
BCS Query Language    1980 Network DB   United Kingdom    
BDFL    1980      
BICON    1980   United States    
BLISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
BMAC    1980   United States    
BRAND X    1980   United States    
BTPS    1980   United States    
C with Classes    1980   United States   OO Extensions to C 
CAN/8    1980     Computer aided instruction language 
CAP1    1980   Japan    
CBASIC    1980   United States    
CCS    1980   United Kingdom   Calculus of Communicating Systems 
CD/KS    1980   United States    
CHAMIL    1980   United States    
Charrette Ada    1980   France   Early Ada subset 
CHILL    1980 Pascals   International   CCITT HIgh-Level Language 
CHILL-80    1980   International    
CIF    1980      
CIP-L    1980 Definition languages   Germany    
CLP    1980   United States   Constraint Logic Programming. 
COMAL-80    1980   Denmark    
Conceptual schema language II    1980   Germany    
Concurrent Euclid    1980   Canada   Simple Euclid with concurrent extensions 
CONDOR    1980   United States    
CONLAN    1980   Germany   Hardware description language 
CSP/80    1980   United Kingdom    
DAD    1980      
Dare P/l    1980   United States    
dBASE II    1980   United States    
DCG    1980   France    
DDL    1980   Brazil   Data definition language  
DELTA    1980   Australia    
Descartes    1980   Russian Federation    
DIAGRAM    1980      
Distributed Smalltalk    1980   United States    
DML    1980      
DML    1980   Nigeria    
DNA    1980      
DOS-ES LISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
DYNAMO III    1980   United States    
Dynamo III/370    1980   United States    
Edison    1980   United States   Simplified coroutine Pascal for teaching 
EDQUSE    1980      
EISI-EAL    1980   United States   Engineering Analysis Language  
ELISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
EMACS LISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
esim    1980      
EUMEL    1980   Germany    
FAD    1980   United States    
FLAT    1980      
Flavors    1980   United States    
Flex 2    1980      
FORALL    1980 Non Standard F77   Australia   User-extensible conversational dialect of Fortran 
Formal    1980   Japan    
FranzLISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   a MACLISP dialect of LISP 
GEMS    1980 2d shape     Mathematical simulation language 
GLISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   Lisp with structural abstraction 
GLISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
GLUG    1980 Other DPLs   United States   Report generator language for GEAC systems 
GPL    1980   United States   Honeywell Programming Language 
GQL    1980      
Graphics Language    1980      
HCPRVR    1980   United States   Horn clause prover  
HELP    1980     Hybrid high- and low-level robotics language 
HI    1980   United States    
HIBOL    1980   United Kingdom   Infotec DIBOL  
HNROFF    1980   Israel   Hebrew formatter based on NROFF 
HTROFF    1980   Israel   Hebrew formatter based on TROFF 
HUGO    1980 Other DPLs   United States   Online systems language for GEAC 
Icon    1980 Substrings   United States   String manipulation language with generator capabilities 
IDEAL    1980   United States    
IL    1980      
IMP 80    1980 Early Autocodes   United Kingdom    
IMS    1980 Event scheduling     Simulation language 
IQL    1980 Other DPLs   Canada   Intermediate Query Language 
LANAC    1980   Brazil    
LaTeX    1980   United States   Document structuring extensions to TeX 
LEM    1980   France    
LFP    1980   United States    
LOGIST    1980 Statistical   France    
LOGLISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   LOGIC, embedded in LISP 
LOM    1980      
LPL    1980     Fuzzy logic programming language 
LTR    1980   France   Langage Temps-Réel - ProtoAda 
MAB    1980   United States   MAcro Basic 
Maple    1980   Canada   Maple 
MARBLE    1980      
Mathsy    1980 Matrix   United States   Interactive mathematics and graphics  
MCOBOL    1980   United Kingdom   Macro extensions to COBOL 
MEDIC    1980      
MELD    1980   United States    
METALOG    1980      
Micro SPL    1980   United States    
MINI    1980      
MINT    1980   United Kingdom    
MODLISP    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
Modular C    1980   United States   Preprocessor-based extension to C allowing modules 
MORAL    1980     Systems design language 
More array theory    1980   United States    
MPL    1980   United States   Motorola Programming Language 
M-Prolog    1980 Horn clause     Modular Prolog 
MRS    1980   United States    
Nano    1980   Japan    
NPL    1980   United States   Non-Procedural Language 
OBE    1980   United States    
Ohsuga KRL    1980      
OMNITAB 80    1980 Columnar sheets   United States   Spreadsheet program 
OPTRAN    1980   Germany    
OSIRIS IV    1980 Statistical   United States    
Outline    1980     Visual languages 
Pascal*    1980 Pascals   United States    
Pascal/R    1980 Pascals   Germany    
Pascal-80    1980 Pascals   Denmark    
PASCAL-I    1980 Pascals   International    
PASSIM    1980   United States   Simulation language based opn PASCAL 
PDL/81    1980   United States   Program Design Language 1981 
PFL    1980      
PICTUREBALM    1980   United States    
PIL    1980   United States   Pascal Instructional Language - CAI Language 
PL/I GPSS    1980      
POOL    1980   Netherlands   Parallel Object-Oriented Language 
Porta-SIMD    1980      
Post-X    1980   United Kingdom    
PRAXIS    1980   United States   High Level machine oriented algebraic computer language 
QPE    1980   United States    
QRP    1980 Network DB   United States   Honeywell query language 
REC    1980   Mexico    
REC/SM    1980   Mexico    
RediLisp    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
RLL    1980   United States    
RT1    1980      
SCL    1980   United Kingdom   Command language for the VME/B 
Scratchpad II    1980   United States    
SDDL    1980   Nigeria    
SDL    1980   United States   String Definition Language 
SDL/I    1980 Other DPLs   United States   Simulation language 
SDML    1980   Nigeria    
SIMPAS    1980 Event scheduling   United States    
SIMPLE    1980      
Siprol    1980      
SLAM II    1980 Hybrid   United States   Extension of SLAM 
SLANG    1980      
Small-C    1980      
Smalltalk-80    1980   United States    
SOS    1980     Persistent object langauge 
S-Pascal    1980   United Kingdom    
Spice Lisp    1980 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
StarMOD    1980   United States    
Steele    1980      
Stoneman    1980   United States    
STRUM2    1980   United States    
STSC APL    1980 Array   United States   Scientific Time-Sharing Corp APL 
SUMMER    1980   Netherlands   String and pattern language 
SYNGLISH    1980      
Taxis    1980   Canada    
TCOL    1980      
TCOL Ada    1980   United States    
The Mathematical Vernacular    1980   Netherlands    
TMDL    1980      
UDL    1980   United States   Unified Data Language 
UFORT    1980   United States   Fortran running on the PASCAL machine 
VAL    1980 Motion-oriented   United States   Variable Assembly Language 
VAXIMA    1980   United States    
VISTA    1980   Norway   Norwegian 4gl 
VULCAN    1980   United States   CP/M port of JPLDIS which evolved into dBASE II 
WCRL    1980     Database language 
WESPOL    1980   United States   POL writing system 
XCY    1980   China    
YAMIL    1980      
Z    1980   United Kingdom    
ZIL    1980   United States   Zork Implementation Language 
ZX Cesil    1980   United Kingdom