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1980s languages
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2-LISP    1982 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
3-LISP    1982 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   procedurally reflective dialect of LISP  
Abacus    1982   Italy    
ABSDL    1982   United States    
Act1    1982 Actor   United States   Actor OO language 
Ada with maps    1982      
ADELE    1982     Specification language 
AIMSS    1982      
ALADIN    1982   Germany   Grammar defintiion language 
ALISP    1982 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
Androtext    1982      
APL*PLUS    1982   United States    
APL*PLUS PC    1982   United States    
ARMBASIC    1982     Micromanipulator language 
ART    1982      
ASAP    1982      
ASAS    1982 Animation   United States   Lispish animation alnguage 
ASGOL    1982   United States    
ASLAN    1982   United States    
C/ATLAS    1982   United States    
Cambridge LCF    1982   United Kingdom    
Cg    1982   United States    
CHISEL    1982   United States    
CQLF    1982 Network DB   United States   Networked query lagnuage 
dBase III    1982   United States    
DELILA    1982   United States   DNA description Language 
DESIRE    1982 Difference Equations   United States    
DITROFF    1982   United States   Device Independent TROFF 
DNA*    1982      
DOPL    1982   Australia   operand-Description Oriented Programming Language  
DPL-82    1982      
EDL    1982      
EM-1    1982      
EPILOG    1982      
FC    1982      
FEL    1982   United States   Function Equation Language 
FEL    1982 Robotics   United States   Feature Extraction Language 
FEMALE    1982   United States   Finite element modelling language 
FFP    1982     Simplified Fortran 
FQL    1982 Network DB   United States   Functional query language 
GAL    1982   Japan   General Algebraic Language 
GAUSS    1982      
Gia-2    1982      
GMPL    1982   United States    
GRiDTask    1982   United States   4GL for Grid laptops 
HASL    1982   United Kingdom    
HISEL    1982   United States    
HPRL    1982 Frame languages   United States   KRL 
INITIAL    1982   Germany    
Intermission    1982   United States    
IQLISP    1982 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States   IQ Lisp 
Josef    1982      
KL0    1982   Japan   Kernel Language 0 
ksh    1982 Command systems   United States   Command language and environment for UNIX 
LASS    1982      
LAVA    1982      
Lindenau    1982      
LITHE    1982      
LOGLAN    1982   Poland    
LOOK    1982   United States    
Lucol    1982      
MAPQUERY    1982 2d shape   Switzerland   Geographical query language 
MENYMA/S    1982      
Micro MUMPS    1982   Japan   Database programming language 
MIN1    1982   United Kingdom    
Mizar MSE    1982   Poland    
MLD    1982   United States   Data and linear programming system 
MUMBLE    1982 2d shape   United States    
MU-Prolog    1982 Horn clause   Australia   Prolog with coroutining 
NAKL    1982 Polymorphic   United States   Dataflow lagnuage 
NAVIGATOR    1982      
NOAH    1982 Network DB   United States   Network query language featuring inheritance 
Nodal-80    1982 Generation of JOSS II   Japan    
OBJ1    1982   United States    
Occam    1982 Pascals   United Kingdom   Parallel Wirth Algol for Transputers 
P4 Pascal    1982 Pascals   United Kingdom   Pemberton and Daniels Pascal 
Paddle    1982 Definition languages   United States   Transformation language 
PADL-2    1982   United States    
PAISley    1982      
PANCODE    1982 Partial A68 only   Denmark    
Pascal (ANSI)    1982 Pascals   United States    
Pascal (BS)    1982 Pascals   United Kingdom    
Pascal/L    1982 Pascals   Sweden    
Pascal+CSP    1982 Pascals   United States    
Pascal-SC    1982 Pascals   Switzerland    
PEARL    1982      
PIC    1982   United States   Graphics meta-language 
PL.8    1982   Japan    
PL/CV2    1982 Predicate   United States   Verifying logical dialect of PL/CS 
POINTY    1982      
Poly    1982   United Kingdom   Polymorphic Programming Language 
PostScript    1982 2d shape   United States    
PROFI-11    1982 Interface and windowing   Germany    
Prograph    1982   Canada    
Prolog-II    1982 Horn clause   France   Prolog with dif and freeze 
Pronet    1982      
QUERYMASTER    1982 Network DB   United States    
RAIL    1982   United States    
RAMIS II    1982   United States   Rapid Access Management Information System 
Real-Time Pascal    1982 Pascals   Denmark    
Rebus    1982 Patterns   United States    
RETICENT    1982   United States   command and query language for spectrophotometric analysis 
ROSS    1982   United States   interactive oo simulation 
RTL    1982   United States    
SALOME    1982   United States    
SAUSTALL    1982      
SEBOL    1982   Sweden   High level structured COBOL 
Sequence FP    1982   United States   Sequence FP 
SILT    1982      
SSL    1982     Syntax/Semantic Language 
Sticks&Stones    1982   United Kingdom    
TeX-82    1982   United States   Text formatting language 
Traits    1982      
TREGRM    1982      
Turing    1982 Other Wirth Algols   Canada    
USL    1982 Interface and windowing   United States   User System Language 
Valid    1982   Japan   Dataflow language 
VAX Basic    1982   United States    
VPCC    1982   United States    
Wertz trinary Lisp    1982 Tree   France   LISP with extra descriptor content 
WPL    1982   United States   Applewriter scripting language 
WSL    1982   Canada   Waterloo Systems Language 
Xi    1982   United States   HW design language 
ZAP    1982