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ADAM    1984   United States   Ada for Multiprocessing 
Adroit    1984 CAI languages   United States   Computer aided instruction language 
ADS/+PC    1984   United States    
ADSO    1984   United States   Cullinet IDMS 4GL 
ALOG    1984   France    
Amber    1984   United States   ML with CSP-like concurrency  
AMP    1984   France    
AMPLE    1984 Sound-Performance   United Kingdom   Music programming language 
ANS MUMPS 1984    1984   United States    
APL2    1984 Nested Array   United States   An APL extension with nested arrays 
Arctic    1984   United States   Real-time functional language, used for music synthesis. 
ART    1984 RETE and production   United States   Automated Reasoning Tool  
ASIS    1984   United States   API language for Ada 83 
ASN.1    1984   United Kingdom   Abstract Syntax Notation 
ASSE    1984      
AUTOMOD    1984 Modelling   United States   Auto MOdelling language 
AWSFN    1984   United States    
BASAL    1984   United Kingdom    
BASIX 1    1984   United Kingdom    
BASIX 2    1984   United Kingdom    
Blosim    1984   United States   DSP simulator 
BNR Pascal    1984 Pascals   Canada   Modular Pascal from BNR 
C//    1984   United States   Parallel C 
CANDE    1984   United States   Burroughs Command AND Edit interface  
Cedar Fortran    1984   United States    
CHILL-84    1984   International    
CICS    1984   United States    
Concurrent C    1984   Japan    
CRL    1984 Frame languages   United States   Frame language 
CSSA    1984   Germany    
D    1984      
Delta Prolog    1984 Horn clause   Portugal    
Derive    1984   Canada    
DOE Macsyma    1984   United States    
EasyLanguage    1984   United States    
ECSP    1984   Italy    
EPL    1984 Pascals   United States   Eden Programming Language - concurrent 
Esterel    1984   France    
EZ    1984   United States    
FCP    1984   Israel   Flat Concurrent Prolog 
Flavors Band    1984 Sound-Synthesis   United States   Musical composition language 
Fm    1984   United States    
GALILEI    1984      
Gauss    1984     Mathematical programming language 
G-Code    1984   Sweden    
GDPL    1984     Generalized Distributed Programming Language 
Gemstone    1984   United States    
GENTRAN    1984   United States    
GW-BASIC    1984   United States    
HEQS    1984      
HP-GL/2    1984   United States    
HP-PASCAL    1984 Pascals   United States    
ICL-Pascal    1984 Pascals   United Kingdom   Pascal extended for mainframe programming 
Kandor    1984 Frame languages   United States    
Kanji PROLOG    1984 Horn clause   Japan    
KCL    1984   Japan    
KEE    1984 Frame languages   United States   IDE based frame language 
Khuwåarizmåi    1984      
KL-TWO    1984   United States    
LADY    1984 CPL, BCPL and B   Germany   System language for INCAS 
LANAC II    1984   Brazil    
LDL    1984   United States    
Le-Lisp    1984 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   France    
Leo    1984      
LIAR    1984   United States   Compiler for SCHEME 
LMA/ITP    1984   United States    
LOOKS    1984   Japan    
LPS    1984   United States    
LYNX    1984      
Magma2    1984   Italy    
MALPHA    1984      
Mandala    1984   Japan    
MANTIS    1984   United States    
MARVIN    1984      
Mary/2    1984 Partial A68 only   Norway    
Memotech MTX Basic    1984 Street basics   United Kingdom   BASIC for Memotech computer 
me-too    1984 Interface and windowing   United Kingdom   Functional language for executable specifications 
MFL    1984   United States    
Micro NET    1984      
MikkoLISP    1984 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
MIMOLA    1984      
MML    1984      
MODEF    1984   Denmark   Revised Pascal with polymorphism 
MODEL    1984   Japan    
Modula-2+    1984   United States   Extension to Modular 2 permitting exceptions and threads 
Moxie    1984      
muFP    1984 Polymorphic   United Kingdom   VLSI functional language 
muTensor    1984   Canada    
NETUL    1984      
NIAL    1984   Canada    
Noddy    1984 Response languages   United Kingdom   REsponse language for Memotech 
NOMAD2    1984   United States    
OBJ2    1984   Japan    
ObjVlisp    1984 Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
OC    1984   Japan   Parallel logic language 
OPAL    1984 OO DBMS   United States   Previous name of Smalltalk DB 
OPSAda3    1984 RETE and production   United States    
Ottawa Euclid    1984   Canada   Improved Milspec Euclid 
P/CL    1984      
P+    1984      
Parallel Pascal    1984 Pascals   United States    
PATR II    1984   United States   Linuistics oriented programming language 
Pebble    1984   United Kingdom    
PEP    1984      
Pict/D    1984 2-D Graphic Languages   United States   Interactive graphical programming environment 
PL/CV3    1984   United States    
PL/Seq    1984     Programming Language for Sequences 
Planet    1984      
PLASMA-II    1984   France    
PLEASE    1984   United States    
PLUSS    1984   France    
Poly    1984   United Kingdom    
Programming by Rehearsal    1984     Visual languages 
Prolog III    1984 Horn clause   France   Prolog with unification replaced by constraint resolution. 
Prolog/KR    1984 Horn clause   Japan   Extension to prolog for Knowledge representation 
PSETL    1984   United States    
QL/8N    1984 Ad hoc query languages   United States   Query language 
Qlambda    1984   United States    
QNAP    1984   France    
QUEL    1984   United States    
Quty    1984   Japan    
RAMIS    1984   United States    
RAVEL    1984      
RC    1984   United States   Refined C  
RCCL    1984   Canada   Robot control command language 
Refined C    1984   United States   Parallel C 
Relix    1984   United States   Implementation of first stage of Aldat 
RF-Maple    1984   Canada    
RML    1984   Canada   Requirements Modelling Language 
SCRIPT    1984   Canada   Waterloo SCRIPT 
SDML    1984   United States   Standard Music Description Language 
ShapeUp    1984   Japan    
SLIPS    1984   India    
Smalltalk DB    1984   United States    
SML    1984   United Kingdom   Standard ML 
Snostorm     1984 Patterns   United States    
SOAR    1984      
SPACEKOR    1984      
Speakeasy IV    1984      
SPITBOL 370    1984   United States   SNOBOL4 compiler for 370 
SPS    1984     Semantic Prototyping System 
SRDL    1984      
SRL/2    1984 Frame languages   United States   Schema language 
SSL    1984     Synthesizer Specification Language  
STELLA    1984 Expression oriented   United States   Implementation of DYNAMO for the Macintosh 
SuccessoR    1984      
SUGAR    1984      
SuperBasic    1984   United Kingdom    
SYNPRO    1984   United States   Modified BNF for use in ATLAS environment 
SYSTRID    1984   Switzerland   Machine independant CAD/CAM system 
TABLOG    1984     The deductive table programming language 
Tencore    1984     Computer aided instruction language 
TLC-LISP    1984 Lazy Evaluation LISPs      
TRAC T84    1984 Macros   United States   1984 version of TRAC 
VIMVAL    1984      
VPREP    1984      
Vulcan    1984      
WEB    1984   United States   Self-documenting code language 
YES/LI    1984   United States