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ADA  1969    Experimental and other Array   United States     Aiken 
Ada  1979    Multi-purpose   United States     US DoD general purpose language 
Ada'  1990    Multi-purpose   United States     Verifiable subset of Ada  
Ada 83  1983      United States     Renaming of Original Ada 
Ada 95  1995    Multi-purpose   United States     Revision and enhancement of Ada82 
Ada 9X  1988    Multi-purpose   United States     Review and update of Ada 83 
Ada with maps  1982           
Ada/Ed  1988      United States      
ADA/TL  1990      United States      
Ada++  1989      United States      
Ada1  1980      United States      
ADABTPL  1987      United States      
ADACOM  0           
ADADL  1986      United States      
Adagio  0          Musical composition language 
ADAM  1964    Business Data Processing Ad hoc query languages   United States     Data Management System for IBM 7030 
ADAM  1988      Japan      
ADAM  1962    Specialised Languages Symbolic assemblers   United States     Experimental hardware symbol processor 
ADAM  1989    Business Data Processing   United States      
ADAM  1984    Multi-purpose   United States     Ada for Multiprocessing 
ADAMO  1986    Specialised Languages Other DPLs   Switzerland     Data structure and behaviour system 
Ada-O  1979      Germany     Ada subset used for compiler bootstrapping 
Adaplex  1983    Business Data Processing   United States     An extension of Ada for functional databases 
ADAPT  1983           
ADAPT  1961    Specialised Languages Numerical Control   United States     Subset of APT 
ADASCRIPT +  0           
ADATE-ML  1995      Norway     Automatic Design of Algorithms Through Evolution 
AdaTran  1980      United States