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Designed 1993
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War

Vienna Parallel Logic(ID:2842/vie003)

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Country: Austria
Designed 1993

Vienna Parallel Logic ( VPL ) is a persistent language and programming system that supports the concurrent execution of communicating processes and the computation of several alternative solutions by means of programmed backtracking. It unifies the worlds of sequential logic programming languages (Prolog) and concurrent logic programming languages (i.e., Parlog). Aspects of both language classes can be combined to any desired degree within one computation. Such a language is well suited for multidatabase applications.

(from Kuhn et al)

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  • Kuhn, E., H. Pohlai, et al. (1993) Kuhn, E., H. Pohlai, et al. "Concurrency and backtracking in Vienna Parallel Logic"
          in (1993) Computer Languages 18(3)
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