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Language peer sets for TYCOON:
Designed 1992
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


The object-oriented DBPL 

alternate simple view
Country: Germany
Designed 1992
Published: 1992

for Typed Communicating Objects in Open eNvironments

Hamburg 1994.
polymorphic persistent programming environment for the development of data-intensive applications in open environment.

The object-oriented DBPL TYCOON (TYped Communicating Objects in Open eNvironments) is the successor of the data base programming languages Pascal/R, MODULA/R and DBPL from the group of Joachim W. Schmidt, Universitaet Hamburg. TYCOON covers a formal OODM, which comes here that as reference introduced very close (for instance the distinction between classes and types as well as class and type hierarchies), and a formal technology to the specification and gradual controlled implementation of programs. One infers first information about TYCOON

Related languages
DBPL TYCOON   Extension of
P-Quest TYCOON   Written using
TYCOON Tl   Implementation
TYCOON TooL   Extension of
TYCOON Tycoon/Fibonacci Add-On Experiment   Incorporated some features of
TYCOON Tycoon-2   Evolution of

  • Florian Matthes and Joachim Schmidt (1992) Florian Matthes and Joachim Schmidt "Definition of the Tycoon language Tl: a preliminary report" Uni of Hamburg Technical Report FBI-HH-160/92 pdf
  • Matthes, F. (1993) Matthes, F. and J.W. Schmidt. System Construction in the Tycoon Environment: Architectures, Interfaces and Gateways. In Proceedings of Euro-Arch'93 Congress. Springer-Verlag, October 1993. Abstract pdf
  • Florian Matthes, Rainer Müller, Joachim W. (1996) Florian Matthes, Rainer Müller, Joachim W. Schmidt: Towards a Unified Model of Untyped Object Stores: Experience with the Tycoon Store Protocol. ADBIS 1996: 1-9
  • Mathiske, Matthes and Muessig: (1996) Mathiske, Matthes and Muessig: "The Tycoon System and Library Manual" 1996 pdf
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