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Language peer sets for UniCon:
Designed 1994
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Designed 1994
Published: 1995

UniCon Architecture Description Language

  • Shaw, M. (1995) Shaw, M. ; R. DeLine, D. V. Klein, T. L. Ross, D. M. Young, and G. Zelesnik. Abstractions for Software Architecture and Tools to Support Them. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, pages 314-335, April 1995
  • Medvidovic, Nenad and Rosenblum, David S. (1997) Medvidovic, Nenad and Rosenblum, David S. "Domains of Concern in Software Architectures and Architecture Description Languages" pp199-212 Abstract
          in R.F. Crew, (1997) R.F. Crew, "ASTLOG: A Language for Examining Abstract Syntax Trees" pp229-242
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