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United States
United States/1999
Designed 1999
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Country: United States
Designed 1999

for Data Engineering Scripting Language

successor to HyperDAS from ViGYAN

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HyperDAS DESL   Successor

  • DESL Home page
    DESL (DEE-zel), the Data Engineering Scripting Language, provides a flexible command interface to its powerful underlying engine that can be used by the user to manipulate and visualize spreadsheet-style numerical data in a variety of ways. DESL is the successor to the package known as HyperDAS.

    The roots of DESL are in the aeronautical industry, particularly having been associated with NASA wind tunnel data reduction and data manipulation and display. In such an environment data is collected and stored in a "point by point" sequence. Such data, thus collected, can easily be dealt with with the DESL software system.
  • Extract: DESL Origins and use

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