for Data Independent Extension of TOTAL

Extensions to TOTAL to make it system independant, developed at Univ. of Toronto and Toronto General Hospital

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TOTAL => DIET   Extension of

  • Dubien, R.J. "Extending a Commercial Database System to Provide Data Independence", Master's Thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, 1977. view details
  • Dunien, R. J.; Sevcik, H. D.; Coccey, K. C.; and Weigle, E. D. "DIET: A data independent system for medical applications" view details Abstract: A Cardiovascular Research Database System is being developed at Toronto General Hospital on a Varian V-76 minicomputer. The system utilizes the TOTAL Database Management System as a manager of the internal network structure of the database and the data dictionary/ directory. The system was designed to achieve data independence as defined by the ANSI/X3/SPARC/SGDBMS committee. This paper will describe the first phase of this project.

          in [ACM] Proceedings of the 1977 ACM Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington, Oct. 16-19, 1977 view details