for Display Programming Language

Jeffrey H. Kulick, Moore School of Electrical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania, 1968

  • Kulick , Jeffrey H. "DPL - A Display Programming Language" Decus Spring 1968 view details Abstract: DPL allows the definition of simple data structures such as points and lines and the definition of arbitrarily complex
    structures  called Displaygroups. A class of set operators (FOR A { DO…) allows the user to selectively traverse a data structure. As part of the definitional language a computational facility is available which allows the definition of structures algorithmically.
    DPL operates in two modes. The first, an interactive mode, allows the user to define, display, and modify structures from a Teletype console. The second mode, known as a stored program, allows the user to define a sequence of DPL commands and then execute them as a program. Decision and recursive call statements are available when operating in the stored program mode.