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9PAC    1957   Business Data Processing Report Generators   United States   Report generator 
AED    1963   Specialised Languages True ALGOL60s   United States   Engineering flavour of ALGOL 
BMD    1961   Specialised Languages Statistical   United States   Bio-Medical statistical language 
BUGSYS    1964   Specialised Languages Animation   United States   Pattern based animation language 
CSL    1966   Specialised Languages Activity scanning   United Kingdom   Control and Simulation Language 
DSL/90    1965   Specialised Languages Digital   United States   Computer simulation language 
DYNAMO    1959   Specialised Languages Expression oriented   United States   DYNAmic MOdels simulation  
FORTRAN IV    1962   Numerical Scientific FORTRAN IV standard   United States   first major release of FORTRAN 
JOVIAL    1959   Multi-purpose Jovials   United States   Airforce International Algebraic Language 
J-X    1963   Multi-purpose Jovials   United States   One Pass Jovial Compiler 
MAC    1957   Numerical Scientific Multiline   United States   MIT Algebraic Compiler for IBM 650 
METEOR    1964   String and List Processing List   United States   COMIT with LISP features 
PIRL    1971   Specialised Languages Graph   United States    
SCAT    1957   Numerical Scientific Other US historic   United States   SHARE Compiler, Assembler, Translater 
SIMSCRIPT    1961   Specialised Languages Event scheduling   United States   Discrete simulations package 
SYMBOLANG    1965   Non-numerical Scientific Symbolic   United States   Symbol manipulating FORTRAN