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Explore languages for Canada
1.pak    1973   String and List Processing Graph   Canada   Goal-directed graph-pattern-matching language 
2.PAK    1975   Specialised Languages   Canada   AI language with coroutines. 
ABSTUR    1990     Canada    
ACL    1972   Specialised Languages   Canada   Audit Command Language 
Actalk    1989   Experimental and other   Canada    
Actor    1986     Canada    
Actra    1985   Specialised Languages   Canada   Multiprocessing Smalltalk 
ALICE    1980   Specialised Languages Array   Canada   Typed APL 
APEX    1997   Specialised Languages Array   Canada   Parallel APL 
APL/11     1972     Canada    
Athena    1983     Canada   KR Language from Canada 
BC NELIAC    1962   Numerical Scientific IAL Coeval   Canada   NELIAC at UBC 
BNR Pascal    1984   Multi-purpose Pascals   Canada   Modular Pascal from BNR 
BNR Prolog    1985   String and List Processing Horn clause   Canada    
Buckle data structure language    1970   String and List Processing Map/Dictionary   Canada    
Calgary ALGOL    1968   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   Canada    
Chronolog    1985     Canada   Temporal version of Prolog 
Chronolog 3d    1988     Canada    
Chronolog(0)    1993     Canada    
Chronolog(MC)    1996     Canada    
Chronolog(Z)    1993     Canada    
CML    1986     Canada   Conceptual Modelling Language 
Concurrent Euclid    1980     Canada   Simple Euclid with concurrent extensions 
CSP/k    1975     Canada   Concurrent SP/k 
Dee    1991     Canada    
DEFT    1973   Numerical Scientific FORTRAN IV standard   Canada   Structured FORTRAN 
Derive    1984     Canada    
Disjunctive Chronolog    1996     Canada    
DOODLE    1992   Business Data Processing   Canada    
Eh    1976   Multi-purpose CPL, BCPL and B   Canada   Portable systems language from Waterloo 
Euclid    1977     Canada   Verifiable system software language  
EUPHORIA    1999     Canada   End User Programming Hierarchial Objects for Robust Interpreted Applications 
EV2    1988     Canada    
Falafel    1990     Canada    
FLACC    1977   Multi-purpose True ALGOL68s   Canada   Mailloux's Algol 68 
FLEX    1990   Specialised Languages   Canada   Faster LEX 
ForceEpsilon    1989   Experimental and other Polymorphic   Canada    
ForceOne    1987     Canada    
ForceTwo    1989     Canada    
Framework Simula    1975   Specialised Languages Event scheduling   Canada   Simula with frameworks 
FRANK    1985     Canada   SPL with bins 
FZCLIPS    1995   Specialised Languages RETE and production   Canada   Fuzzy extensions to CLIPS 
GAME    1977   Specialised Languages   Canada   Game programming simulations language 
GenCode    1967   Specialised Languages Page and book layout   Canada   Generalised printing markup system 
GML    1985   String and List Processing   Canada   Waterloo General Markup Language 
Golog    1993     Canada    
GPSSR    1983     Canada    
GPSSS    1972   Specialised Languages Event scheduling   Canada   Simula 67 with enhanced simulation capabilities 
GraphLog    1988     Canada    
HLO    1995     Canada    
HSML    1998     Canada    
Huron    1990   Business Data Processing Labelled Matrix   Canada   4GL 
IBM Logo    1983     Canada    
IFAPT    1966   Numerical Scientific Numerical Control   Canada   Canadian adaptation of APT 
IIL    2001     Canada    
IMAGE    1975     Canada    
IQL    1980   Business Data Processing Other DPLs   Canada   Intermediate Query Language 
KNOWLOG    1983     Canada    
LESK    1975     Canada    
LIEBERMAN    1995     Canada    
LinxBasic    1991   Specialised Languages Street basics   Canada   Generator language 
LogoWriter    1986     Canada    
LOGRAPH    1983     Canada    
LUCID    1975   Experimental and other Single-assignment   Canada   dataflow language 
MACKSIM    1972     Canada    
Maple    1980     Canada   Maple 
MBL    1995   Specialised Languages   Canada   Language for compiler construction 
microChronolog    1988     Canada    
MicroWorlds    1990     Canada    
MicroWorlds Ex        Canada    
MicroWorlds Pro        Canada   Microworlds with parallel agents 
MINICODE    1975   Multi-purpose Assemblers   Canada    
MINISIS        Canada    
MIRA    1975     Canada    
mLucid    1993   Specialised Languages Polymorphic   Canada   Indexical Lucid 
Modula Plus    1989   Specialised Languages   Canada    
MP/1    1971     Canada    
MPL/I    1967   Specialised Languages Grammar and Syntax-oriented   Canada   Matrix PL/I 
muMath    1978     Canada    
muTensor    1984     Canada    
MuTeX    1978     Canada    
m-Verdi    1988     Canada    
NIAL    1984     Canada    
Object-Oriented Turing    1991     Canada    
ObjVProlog    1989   String and List Processing Horn clause   Canada    
ObjVProlog-D    1989   String and List Processing Horn clause   Canada    
olog    1997     Canada    
One-man-language    1977     Canada    
OOT    1991     Canada    
Ottawa Euclid    1984   Multi-purpose   Canada   Improved Milspec Euclid 
Pasqual    1974     Canada    
PET    1965   Specialised Languages Decision tables   Canada   Decision table language 
piDEMOS    1993   Specialised Languages   Canada   teaching subset of DEMOS 
PL    1975   String and List Processing 2d shape   Canada   Picture drawing language 
PL4    1974   String and List Processing List   Canada   Experimental Simula language for list processing 
PLUTO    2001     Canada    
PLUTO    1972   Multi-purpose Other PL/Is   Canada   U Toronto Teching PL/I 
POP-10    1973     Canada    
Prograph    1982     Canada    
Protel    1975   Multi-purpose Pascals   Canada   Language with distributed modularity 
PSML    1976     Canada    
Q'NIAL    1983     Canada    
Q-system    1969   String and List Processing Horn clause   Canada    
QUILL    1966   String and List Processing Text analysis   Canada    
RCCL    1984     Canada   Robot control command language 
Real-Time Euclid    1986     Canada   Euclid with RT extensions 
RedTen    1985     Canada    
REGULUS    1977   String and List Processing   Canada   Regexp macro processor 
Relationlog    2001   Business Data Processing   Canada    
RF-Maple    1984     Canada    
RML    1984     Canada   Requirements Modelling Language 
ROL    1996     Canada    
ROL2    1999     Canada    
RSF    1998     Canada    
S*    1976   Specialised Languages Pascals   Canada   microprogramming language schema 
S*A    1981     Canada   high-level architecture description language 
S/SL    1975   Grammar and Syntax-oriented   Canada   Syntax/Semantic Language 
SCRIPT    1984   String and List Processing   Canada   Waterloo SCRIPT 
Sharp APL    1965   Business Data Processing Array   Canada   IP Sharp 
SIMULOGO    1974     Canada    
SL    1988     Canada    
SL/I    1968   Other PL/Is   Canada   Toronto PL/I 
Small Euclid    1988   Multi-purpose Pascals   Canada   Testing susbset of Euclid 
SNOBOL X    1972   String and List Processing Patterns   Canada   Generalised Snobol 
SNOBOLY    1974   String and List Processing Patterns   Canada   SNOBOL dialect with Algol control structures 
SP/1    1969   List   Canada   String processor for Fortran 
SP/k    1975   Multi-purpose Other PL/Is   Canada    
SPARC Verdi    1994     Canada    
SPECKLE    1975   Multi-purpose   Canada    
SPECTUR    1986     Canada    
SPL    1971   Multi-purpose Other PL/Is   Canada   Systems Programming Language 
Starlog    1991   Specialised Languages Interval time   Canada   Stratified Temporal Prolog 
STAT-PACK    1971   Statistical   Canada    
Sue    1971     Canada    
s-Verdi    1994     Canada    
sysLucid    1994   Experimental and other Single-assignment   Canada   Systolic functional Lucid 
TA    1997     Canada    
TABGEN    1968   Business Data Processing Decision tables   Canada   Decision table language 
Taxis    1980     Canada    
TELOS    1989   Experimental and other   Canada    
TOPPS    1973     Canada    
Toronto Euclid    1979     Canada    
TRANSCODE    1953   Numerical Scientific Early Autocodes   Canada   Autocoder at Toronto 
Trilogy    1988     Canada    
Trilogy II    1988   Experimental and other   Canada    
Turing    1982   Multi-purpose Other Wirth Algols   Canada    
Turing Plus    1987     Canada    
TXL    1985     Canada    
VAULT    1970   CAI languages   Canada    
Verdi    1990     Canada    
WATBOL    1976   Business Data Processing   Canada   Waterloo student's COBOL  
Waterloo Core Prolog    1986   String and List Processing Horn clause   Canada    
Waterloo LISP    1977   String and List Processing Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Canada    
WATFIV    1969   Numerical Scientific FORTRAN IV standard   Canada   Waterloo FORTRAN 2nd version 
WATFIV-S    1976   Numerical Scientific   Canada   WATFIV with structuring facilities 
WATFOR    1966   Numerical Scientific FORTRAN IV standard   Canada   WATerloo FORtran 
WATFOR-77    1977   Numerical Scientific   Canada   Waterloo FORTRAN 77 
WinEGS    1999   Specialised Languages Monte Carlo   Canada   Graphical Monte Carlo simulation system 
WSCRIPT    1990     Canada    
WSL    1982   Multi-purpose   Canada   Waterloo Systems Language 
XProlog    2002   String and List Processing Horn clause   Canada    
ZAPP    1973   Specialised Languages Animation   Canada   Animation generation language 
Zed    1978   Multi-purpose CPL, BCPL and B   Canada   Waterloo portable systems language