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1990s languages
Post-Cold War
Fifth generation

Explore languages for Japan and for year 1992

ABCL/R2    1992   Experimental and other Actor   Japan   reflective concurrent object-oriented language 
Beta-Prolog    1992   String and List Processing Horn clause   Japan    
ESC/P    1992     Japan   Espon printer control langauge 
FE 92    1992     Japan   VIsual GHC 
FIML    1992   Experimental and other Lazy Evaluation FPs   Japan   Functional and Imperative ML 
Hi-Visual    1992   Specialised Languages   Japan    
Ibuki CL    1992     Japan   Common Lisp implementation 
LinLog    1992     Japan    
MELFA    1992   Specialised Languages Robotics   Japan   Mitsubishi Robotics language 
Morphe    1992     Japan    
Ruby    1992     Japan    
UL/alpha    1992     Japan