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1960s languages
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Autostat    1960   Numerical Scientific Statistical   United Kingdom   Statistical Programming Language 
Brooker/Morris syntax language    1960   Specialised Languages Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United Kingdom   Phrase structure language to create MERCURY Autocode 
Easicode    1960   Excluded from Sammet Early Autocodes   United Kingdom   Autocode for the DEUCE 
Elliott ALGOL    1960   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   United Kingdom   Hoare's seminal ALGOL 60 
Elliott Autocode    1960   Multi-purpose Early Autocodes   United Kingdom   Elliott Brothers Autocoder 
Elliotts    1960   COBOL coeval   United Kingdom   Commercial Autocode from Elliot Bros 
EMIDEC Business System    1960     United Kingdom   Business autocode for the EMIDEC computers 
ICT COBOL    1960   Business Data Processing COBOL-60   United Kingdom   Basic COBOL 60 from ICT 
Manchester Autocode    1960   Early Autocodes   United Kingdom    
NEBULA    1960   COBOL coeval   United Kingdom   Ferranti business autocode 
OPAL    1960   Business Data Processing Flat DB   United Kingdom   CEIR data processing language 
Rothamsted autocode    1960   Numerical Scientific Early Autocodes   United Kingdom   Analytical and statistical autocode