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1960s languages
Early Cold War
Third generation

Explore languages for United Kingdom and for year 1965

2CL    1965   Specialised Languages Numerical Control   United Kingdom   Modified NEL NC machine 
ASP    1965   String and List Processing Map/Dictionary   United Kingdom   Associative Structures Package 
Atlas Algol    1965     United Kingdom    
Atlas Commercial Language    1965   COBOL coeval   United Kingdom    
Clowes    1965   Syntactical descriptions   United Kingdom   Picture grammar 
CPL1    1965   Multi-purpose CPL, BCPL and B   United Kingdom   Implemented subset of CPL 
EGTRAN    1965   Fortran I-III Variants   United Kingdom    
GPM    1965   String and List Processing Macros   United Kingdom   General Purpose Macro-generator 
Plasyd    1965   Specialised Languages PL-360s   United Kingdom   ICL systems language 
SEP    1965   Multi-purpose Early Autocodes   United Kingdom    
SIMON II    1965   Specialised Languages Process interaction   United Kingdom   Algol-based simulation language 
SNAP    1965   Experimental and other Macros   United Kingdom    
T3 Fortran    1965   Numerical Scientific Fortran I-III Variants   United Kingdom   Titan Fortran III