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1950s languages
Immediate Post-War
First generation

Explore languages for United States and for year 1952

A-0    1952   Numerical Scientific Low-level Autocoders   United States   Compiler for UNIVAC 1 
COMPOOL    1952   Specialised Languages Other DPLs   United States   Shared data system for SAGE 
DOI    1952   Excluded from Sammet Initial orders   United States   Wheeler 
DOUGLAS    1952   Excluded from Sammet Macroassemblers   United States   Douglas SM Macro-assembler 
Editing Generator    1952   Multi-purpose Sorting and editing systems   United States   Autocoder system for UNIVAC  
EDVAC/ORDVAC coding    1952   Excluded from Sammet Symbolic assemblers   United States   BRL Assembler library for the VAC computers 
Floating Decimal System    1952     United States    
George    1952   Other US historic   United States   MIT algebraic compiler 
Isaac    1952   Specialised Languages List   United States   Earliest List processing language 
JAINCOMP Assembly    1952   Numerical Scientific Multiline   United States   Positionally determined mathemetatical autocode 
MIDAC Input Translation Program    1952   Numerical Scientific Other US historic   United States   Autocode for the MIDAC 
Quine    1952   Specialised Languages Symbolic   United States   Quine's logic system 
SO 2    1952   Excluded from Sammet Symbolic assemblers   United States   Symbolic assembler for IBM 701