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Explore languages for Netherlands
CWEB        Netherlands   ANSI C version of Web 
Normal code    1957   Symbolic assemblers   Netherlands   High level assembler for the StanTec Zebra 
Simple code    1957   Specialised Languages Early Autocodes   Netherlands   Floating point autocode 
PASCAL    1960   Excluded from Sammet Macroassemblers   Netherlands   Macro-assembler for Philips computer 
Lincos    1961   Symbolic   Netherlands   Language for cosmic intercourse 
X1 Algol 60     1961   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   Netherlands    
Generalized ALGOL    1962   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL68s   Netherlands   ALGOL for generalised grammars 
SERA    1964   Excluded from Sammet Intermediate languages and VMs   Netherlands   Zebra VM language 
Dijkstra's guarded command language    1966   Pascals   Netherlands    
AUTOMATH    1967   Specialised Languages Algebraic   Netherlands    
AUT-68    1968   Symbolic   Netherlands    
SEMIPAL    1968   Symbolic   Netherlands    
STAP    1968   Specialised Languages Formulaic   Netherlands    
SEMIPAL 2    1969   Symbolic   Netherlands    
AUT-PI    1969   Symbolic   Netherlands    
PAL    1970   Symbolic   Netherlands    
Medela    1971     Netherlands    
associons    1972   Experimental and other Theoretical incl category based   Netherlands   Tuple based programming extensions 
DOVPA    1972     Netherlands    
AUT-QE    1973   Specialised Languages   Netherlands    
CLAG    1973   On-Line Process interaction   Netherlands   Online simulation system 
ABC ALGOL    1973   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   Netherlands   ALGOL 60 extension for symbolic math 
CHIEF    1973   Experimental and other   Netherlands    
ALIAS    1973   Excluded from Sammet Pascals   Netherlands   Bliss variant 
NETFORM    1974     Netherlands    
ALEPH    1975   Multi-purpose Other Algol 60s   Netherlands   A Language Encouraging Program Hierarchy 
B    1975   On-Line   Netherlands   Simple interactive programming environment 
SPRING    1976   String and List Processing   Netherlands   String PRocessING language 
TUTSIM    1978     Netherlands    
Abstracto    1979   Specialised Languages   Netherlands   Algorithm description language 
Abstracto 84    1979   Specialised Languages   Netherlands    
ALICE    1979     Netherlands   ALeph Intermediate CodE 
ALGOL 68+    1980   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL68s   Netherlands   Superlanguage of ALGOL 68 
POOL    1980     Netherlands   Parallel Object-Oriented Language 
SUMMER    1980   String and List Processing   Netherlands   String and pattern language 
The Mathematical Vernacular    1980     Netherlands    
HDDL    1981   Specialised Languages   Netherlands   Philips dialogue definition language 
MIDL    1981     Netherlands   MicroInstruction Description Language.  
ACP    1985     Netherlands   Algebra of Communicating Processes 
Orca    1985   Multi-purpose   Netherlands   parallel programming on distributed systems 
POOL-T    1985     Netherlands    
PCOL    1986     Netherlands    
Twentel    1986     Netherlands    
Squigol    1986     Netherlands    
PASAMS    1987     Netherlands    
ABC    1987   Multi-purpose Partial A68 only   Netherlands   Simple interactive language 
Lean    1987     Netherlands    
POOL2    1987     Netherlands    
Clean    1987   Specialised Languages Lazy Evaluation FPs   Netherlands   pure lazy functional language 
RPL    1987   Specialised Languages   Netherlands   Base language for ELEGANT 
Elegant    1987     Netherlands   Functional-like imperative language based on attribute grammars 
APL-GPSS    1988     Netherlands    
Amanda    1988     Netherlands   SImple Miranda-like language  
Booster    1989     Netherlands    
ABC    1989   Experimental and other Graph   Netherlands   Intermediate language ABC abstract machine 
ASF    1989   Specialised Languages   Netherlands   Algebraic Specification Formalism 
Concurrent Clean    1989     Netherlands    
SDF    1989     Netherlands   Syntax Definition Formalism 
DFC    1989   Specialised Languages   Netherlands   Dataflow language for supercomputers 
FORM    1989     Netherlands    
POOL-I    1990     Netherlands    
microCRL    1990   Specialised Languages   Netherlands   Algebraic specification 
Python    1991     Netherlands   String based scripting language 
DTL    1991     Netherlands    
DLP    1992     Netherlands    
SCIL-VP    1992     Netherlands    
ADDL    1992     Netherlands    
O-TELOS    1992     Netherlands    
KBSSF    1992     Netherlands    
LOOKS    1993   Specialised Languages Animation   Netherlands   Animation 
ASF+SDF    1993   Specialised Languages   Netherlands    
concon    1994   String and List Processing   Netherlands   Lisp with multitasking featres 
QL    1994   Business Data Processing Ad hoc query languages   Netherlands   Query language for the Doedens multi language text query system 
SEAL    1994     Netherlands    
LL    1994   Specialised Languages Linear   Netherlands   Logic language for the Doedens multi language text query system 
fSDL    1995     Netherlands   full Structure Definition Language 
scriptic    1996     Netherlands    
20-Sim    1997     Netherlands    
Alma    1997     Netherlands   Imperative Constraint Programming Language 
henk    1997     Netherlands    
Euris    1998     Netherlands    
Alma-O    1998   Experimental and other   Netherlands   Hybrid I/D language 
CDL3    1998     Netherlands   Version 3Compiler Description Language 
HTEL    1999   Multi-purpose   Netherlands   Hypertext Expression Lanugage 
LARIS    2000   Specialised Languages   Netherlands    
scangen    2000   Specialised Languages   Netherlands   Scanner-generator for ELEGANT 
pCRL    2001     Netherlands    
Dipe-R    2002     Netherlands    
aut    2002     Netherlands    
Dribble    2003     Netherlands