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Explore languages for Brazil
plua    2002     Brazil    
Green    1998     Brazil   Reflective oo language 
Guaraná    1998   Multi-purpose OO C family   Brazil   refelective Java 
ParaLog_e    1997     Brazil    
Merlin    1995   Specialised Languages Prototyping   Brazil   Reflective dialect of Self 
EPILIDEX    1995     Brazil    
NeoLogo     1994   Specialised Languages Prototyping   Brazil   Prototyping OO extension of Logo 
LUA    1993     Brazil   Language extension language 
SOL    1992     Brazil   Simple Object Language 
DEL    1991   Multi-purpose   Brazil   Data Entry Language 
School    1990     Brazil    
LIDEX    1990     Brazil   System development environment with teaching features 
ParaLog    1987     Brazil    
LANAC II    1984     Brazil    
LANAC    1980     Brazil    
DDL    1980     Brazil   Data definition language  
EPSIMONE    1978   Specialised Languages Pascals   Brazil   Concurrent simulation language 
CAPIM    1962   Numerical Scientific Algebraic   Brazil   Matrix algerbra system