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Explore languages for Norway
MetaBETA    1995     Norway    
ADATE-ML    1995     Norway   Automatic Design of Algorithms Through Evolution 
DELTA    1977   Specialised Languages   Norway   System simulation language 
SAPPHIRE    1996     Norway    
VISTA    1980   Business Data Processing   Norway   Norwegian 4gl 
UNIVAC 1108 ALGOL    1966   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   Norway    
FACIT Algol    1962   Multi-purpose True ALGOL60s   Norway   Algol for the FACIT 
NU ALGOL    1965   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   Norway   Norwegian University Algol 
ABEL    1979   Multi-purpose OO C family   Norway   OO Language with specification semantics 
Mary    1974   Partial A68 only   Norway    
Mary/2    1984   Partial A68 only   Norway    
MAC    1957   Multi-purpose Early Autocodes   Norway   Mercury Automatic Coding  
AUTOCODING    1958   Multi-purpose Early Autocodes   Norway   Norwegian AUTOCODE for the Ferranti Mercury 
GPL    1967   Numerical Scientific Generalised programming   Norway   General Purpose Language 
Gargoyle    1964   W European algorithmic systems   Norway    
NORD PL    1972   PL-360s   Norway   NORD-10 PL360 
BETA    1975   Multi-purpose Simple   Norway   Object oriented language  
KOBRA    1968   Specialised Languages Numerical Control   Norway   NC language 
GAMMA    1968   Specialised Languages Activity scanning   Norway   Evolution of SIMULA 
SIMULA    1962   Specialised Languages Process interaction   Norway   SIMUlation LAnguage 
SIMULA 67    1967   Specialised Languages Process interaction   Norway   Object-oriented simulation language 
Simscript N    1963   Event scheduling   Norway   Norwegian Simpscript 
ACCESS    1972   Business Data Processing Ad hoc query languages   Norway   Norsk Data query Language