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Explore languages for Austria
chpp    1998   String and List Processing   Austria   Macro compiler 
EMMA    1999     Austria    
FORK    1998   Experimental and other   Austria   PRAM-language  
FORK    1992   Experimental and other   Austria   PRAM-language 
Fork95    1995   Experimental and other   Austria   PRAM-language 
HYBSIS    1981   2d shape   Austria   Graphical simulation system 
LOGALGOL    1960   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   Austria   Set-based ALGOL variant from IBM Vienna 
Mailüfterl    1955   Numerical Scientific W European algorithmic systems   Austria   Autocode for Mailüfterl 
Omega    1991   Specialised Languages Prototyping   Austria   Protype based OOL 
Opus    1998     Austria   Multidisciplinary Applications Language 
PASCAL/GRAPH    1979     Austria    
PROGRESS    1975     Austria   RT language for air traffic control 
VDM-SL    1978     Austria    
Vienna Fortran    1992   Numerical Scientific   Austria    
Vienna Parallel Logic    1993     Austria