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Explore languages for Norway
ABEL    1979   Multi-purpose OO C family   Norway   OO Language with specification semantics 
ACCESS    1972   Business Data Processing Ad hoc query languages   Norway   Norsk Data query Language 
ADATE-ML    1995     Norway   Automatic Design of Algorithms Through Evolution 
AUTOCODING    1958   Multi-purpose Early Autocodes   Norway   Norwegian AUTOCODE for the Ferranti Mercury 
BETA    1975   Multi-purpose Simple   Norway   Object oriented language  
DELTA    1977   Specialised Languages   Norway   System simulation language 
FACIT Algol    1962   Multi-purpose True ALGOL60s   Norway   Algol for the FACIT 
GAMMA    1968   Specialised Languages Activity scanning   Norway   Evolution of SIMULA 
Gargoyle    1964   W European algorithmic systems   Norway    
GPL    1967   Numerical Scientific Generalised programming   Norway   General Purpose Language 
KOBRA    1968   Specialised Languages Numerical Control   Norway   NC language 
MAC    1957   Multi-purpose Early Autocodes   Norway   Mercury Automatic Coding  
Mary    1974   Partial A68 only   Norway    
Mary/2    1984   Partial A68 only   Norway    
MetaBETA    1995     Norway    
NORD PL    1972   PL-360s   Norway   NORD-10 PL360 
NU ALGOL    1965   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   Norway   Norwegian University Algol 
SAPPHIRE    1996     Norway    
Simscript N    1963   Event scheduling   Norway   Norwegian Simpscript 
SIMULA    1962   Specialised Languages Process interaction   Norway   SIMUlation LAnguage 
SIMULA 67    1967   Specialised Languages Process interaction   Norway   Object-oriented simulation language 
UNIVAC 1108 ALGOL    1966   Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   Norway    
VISTA    1980   Business Data Processing   Norway   Norwegian 4gl