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1970s languages
High Cold War
Third generation

Explore languages for 1972 and On-Line

FOCAL/F    1972   On-Line Generation of JOSS I   United States   FOCAL for the PDP OS/8 
GNOSIS    1972   On-Line CAI languages   Sweden    
MADCAP Terminal Language    1972   On-Line Multiline   United States   Terminal language for Maniac 
MADCAP VI    1972   On-Line Multiline   United States    
SASP I    1972   On-Line Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United States   Syntactically Analyzed String Processor 
SIGMA    1972   On-Line Algebraic   Switzerland   Interactive maths system based on CFS 
SPEAKEASY 3    1972   On-Line Algebraic   United States   Version 3 of Speakeasy