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1990s languages
Post-Cold War
Fifth generation

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ACL    1993       concurrent linear logic programming paradigm 
Agent0    1993        
AGORA    1993   Specialised Languages Prototyping   Belgium   Reifying prototyping OO language 
ALBA    1993        
ANALITIK-93    1993   Numerical Scientific   Ukraine   Evbolution of Analitik 
APLAN    1993        
ASF+SDF    1993   Specialised Languages   Netherlands    
BAP    1993   Horn clause   United States   Brain Aid Prolog 
BeBOP    1993   Experimental and other   Australia   Object-oriented parallel logic programming language 
BEFUNGE    1993     United States    
BOPL    1993        
BQL    1993        
Butterfly Common LISP    1993   String and List Processing Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United States    
CamlFlight    1993     France   Data-parallel categorical language 
cc    1993        
cc(FD)    1993        
CCEL    1993     United States   Constraint programmign in C++ 
CDOL    1993        
CHARM++    1993     United States    
Chronolog(0)    1993     Canada    
Chronolog(Z)    1993     Canada    
ChronoSQL    1993     Switzerland    
CILK    1993     United States    
CLOS0    1993     Germany    
CommonLisp0    1993   String and List Processing Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Germany    
Concert/C    1993        
Concurrent METATEM    1993        
Concurrent Oberon    1993   Specialised Languages   Switzerland   Concurrent features added to Oberon 
CORAL    1993     United States   Language for deductive database 
Coral++    1993   Business Data Processing   United States   Object-oriented language for deductive databases 
CuPit    1993     Germany    
CVL    1993     United States    
C-XSC     1993   Specialised Languages CPL, BCPL and B   United States   Extensions to C++ for scientific computing 
Dataplan    1993     United Kingdom    
DBC    1993     United States   Data-parallel Bit-serial C 
Deva    1993     Germany    
DFL    1993   Frame languages   Romania    
DMIS 2    1993     Germany    
DOWL    1993     Germany    
DROOL    1993     United States    
DUEL    1993        
Dynace    1993        
Eiffel**    1993     France    
ELLA 2000    1993        
Erlang    1993   Specialised Languages   Sweden   Concurrent functional language 
es    1993     United States   Extensible shell 
ESP    1993   String and List Processing   Italy   Extended Shared Prolog 
Feel    1993     United Kingdom    
Fortran-XSC    1993        
Free    1993     United Kingdom    
Fresco    1993        
FT    1993     United States    
GAPLog    1993     Sweden   General Amalgamated Programming with Logic 
Glenda    1993     United States    
Glish    1993        
GNU C    1993     International    
GOAL    1993        
Golog    1993     Canada    
GPSS*    1993        
GRAMOS-GPSS    1993     Germany    
Graqula    1993        
High-integrity PEARL    1993     Germany    
HO UNIF    1993        
HPF    1993   Numerical Scientific   United States   High Performance Fortran 
HSQL    1993     United Kingdom    
Hyperflow    1993        
HyperPascal    1993   Multi-purpose Pascals   New Zealand    
Indexical Lucid    1993     United States    
Isabelle-93    1993     United States    
Kaleidoscope'93    1993     United States    
KARL    1993     Germany    
K-Log    1993     Australia    
Language A    1993        
Linear Janus    1993     United States    
login/mali    1993     France    
LOOKS    1993   Specialised Languages Animation   Netherlands   Animation 
LOOPN    1993   Experimental and other   Australia   Petri net language 
Lout    1993   String and List Processing     Embedded language for the lout document preparation system 
LUA    1993     Brazil   Language extension language 
M    1993     United States    
MALI    1993     France    
MALPAS IL    1993        
MAP    1993   Specialised Languages Actor   Italy   Distributed AI OO language 
Meroon V3    1993     France    
MIDL    1993   Specialised Languages Interface and windowing   Australia   Menu Interface Design Language 
mLucid    1993   Specialised Languages Polymorphic   Canada   Indexical Lucid 
MODEL-K    1993     Germany    
MODLER    1993        
Modula-3*    1993     Germany    
Modula-3pi    1993     Germany    
Multi-Pascal    1993   Multi-purpose Pascals   United States    
Multi-Prolog    1993   String and List Processing Horn clause      
MViews    1993       Visual languages 
MVL    1993     United States    
NICEL    1993        
nick    1993     United States    
NL    1993     Australia    
Noodle    1993     United States    
OAK    1993     United States    
ObjectLogo    1993     United States    
OBLIQ    1993   Specialised Languages Actor   United Kingdom   OO language for distributed objects 
Octopus    1993     Australia    
ODD    1993     United States    
OL(P)    1993     United States   object-oriented extension to Prolog 
OPAL    1993   Specialised Languages Goguen algebra   Germany   Algebraic functional language 
OPAL-0    1993   String and List Processing Goguen algebra   Germany   Algebraic functional language 
OPAL-1    1993   Specialised Languages Goguen algebra   Germany   Algebraic functional language 
OSU APL    1993   Specialised Languages Array   United States   Hybrid APL/PASCAL to evaluate usability of visual languages 
OZ    1993   Specialised Languages   Germany   Concurrent constraint language 
Pacific    1993     Finland    
PALM    1993   Specialised Languages Patterns   United States   Pattern language for molecular biology 
Parasol    1993        
Pattern    1993     United States    
PCLOS    1993   String and List Processing   United States   Persistent CLOS 
PEGS 4    1993     United States    
piDEMOS    1993   Specialised Languages   Canada   teaching subset of DEMOS 
PLACA    1993     United States    
PM    1993     France    
PocketForth    1993     United States    
P-Progol    1993     Germany    
Progol    1993   Experimental and other   United Kingdom    
Prolog-II/MALI    1993   String and List Processing Horn clause   France    
ProtoHyperflow    1993   Experimental and other   United States    
Ptolemy    1993   Specialised Languages   United States   Digital Simulations 
Quake    1993        
Rusinoff HDL    1993     United States    
sceptic 4    1993   Experimental and other   United Kingdom    
SchemeXerox    1993     United States    
Screamer    1993   String and List Processing   United States   Nondeterministic LISP 
Scrimshaw    1993        
SDML    1993     United Kingdom   Simulations modelling language  
SEL2    1993     United States    
Self-93    1993   Multi-purpose   United States   Instance-based OO Language 
SETHEO    1993     Germany    
SEUS    1993        
Similix    1993        
Single Assignment Fortran    1993   Numerical Scientific   United States    
SmallVDM    1993        
SOAR    1993     United States    
SPE    1993       Visual languages 
SPECTRUM    1993     Germany    
SWORD    1993     United States    
TAL    1993   Specialised Languages   Germany   CAI analysis language 
TASM    1993     United States    
Templar    1993     United States    
The ML Kit    1993     Denmark   Full implementation of Standard ML 
TOIL    1993     United States    
TOOPL    1993     United States    
TOOPLE    1993     United States    
Tycoon/Fibonacci Add-On Experiment    1993     International    
UMLS    1993     Germany    
UnCvl    1993     United States    
UNIFORM    1993        
Uranus    1993     Japan    
VB3    1993     United States    
VDM++    1993     Germany    
Vienna Parallel Logic    1993     Austria    
Visual Eiffel    1993   Multi-purpose   United States   RAD Dialect of Eiffel 
VML    1993        
WWWinda    1993     United States    
XPRESS    1993     United States    
XSB    1993     United Kingdom    
YACC++    1993     United States   OO yacc 
ZPL    1993   Numerical Scientific Array   United States   Scientific parallel array processing language 
zsh    1993   String and List Processing   United States   Sh with list processing and database enhancements