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ABC++    1994   Multi-purpose CPL, BCPL and B   United States   Concurrent C++ 
ABCL/f    1994   Experimental and other Actor   Japan   ABCL with a functional flavour 
ACE    1994   Experimental and other   Spain   Parallel logic language 
ACL2    1994   Specialised Languages   United States   Theorem proving lisp 
ACME    1994     United States    
ACSL Optimize    1994     United States    
AESOP    1994     United States    
Agent-K    1994     United Kingdom   Agent-oriented language with temporality 
AgentSpeak    1994     Australia    
AKL    1994   Experimental and other   Sweden   Agents Kernel Language 
ALG    1994     United States    
Alonzo    1994     United States    
AML    1994   Multi-purpose   United States   Arc Macro Language 
AMPL    1994   Specialised Languages Matrix   United States   Another Matrix Programming Language 
April    1994        
ARVA    1994   Cell-based   France    
Asspegique+    1994     France    
AYACC    1994     United States   YACC in Ada 
A-ZPL    1994     United States   Advanced ZPL 
Bison    1994     United States    
Blazon    1994        
Bob    1994     United States   Thomas with Algol syntax 
BRIAN    1994        
Chimera    1994        
CIAL    1994     China    
CIAO    1994   Experimental and other Horn clause   Spain   Distributed And/Or parallel prolog 
CIL    1994        
CL    1994   On-Line   United States   Control Language 
Clipper 5    1994     United States   Advanced Clipper with iterators and code blocks 
clp(FD)    1994     United States   Constraint Programming Language over Finite Domains 
concon    1994   String and List Processing   Netherlands   Lisp with multitasking featres 
conGolog    1994     United States    
COOL    1994     Italy    
DAS    1994     Germany    
DPML    1994     France    
Draco    1994        
DTP    1994     United States    
EASEL    1994   Specialised Languages   United States   DSL for user-defined applications 
EAST    1994     United Kingdom    
ElipSys    1994     United Kingdom    
Escalante    1994       Visual languages 
ESEL    1994     United Kingdom    
EXPLAN    1994     Italy    
FESE    1994     Germany    
FM    1994        
Fornax    1994   Experimental and other Array   United States   APL with patterns 
Fusion    1994   Specialised Languages   United States   Object modelling language 
GCL    1994   String and List Processing   United States   Gnu Common Lisp 
gema    1994        
Gentzen    1994     United States    
Glyphic Script    1994   Experimental and other Prototyping   United States   Prototype based scripting language 
Goblin    1994        
Gödel    1994        
Goedel    1994     United Kingdom    
GPSS/VI    1994     United States    
GRAPNEL    1994        
GUIDE    1994        
GW-Ada    1994     United States   Educational Ada 
Gwydion    1994     United States    
HACL    1994   Experimental and other Linear   Japan   Concurrent OO language based on linear logic 
HOLCF    1994     Germany    
Hope+C    1994     United Kingdom    
HTML    1994   String and List Processing   Switzerland   Markup language with hypertext capabilities 
IAM    1994     United States    
ICL    1994   On-Line   United Kingdom   Interactive Control Language 
ILU    1994     United States    
Jacob 2    1994     United States    
Juno 2    1994     United States    
K    1994   Numerical Scientific Matrix   United States   ASCII-based APL dialect 
K-code    1994     United States    
KiR    1994        
KLIC    1994   Experimental and other   Japan    
Klone    1994     France    
KQML    1994     United States    
Ladder Logic    1994        
LC    1994        
Lilac    1994       functional programming language based on linear logic 
LiSEB    1994     Belgium   OO extensions to APL 
LL    1994   Specialised Languages Linear   Netherlands   Logic language for the Doedens multi language text query system 
LLP    1994     Japan    
LOGOS    1994     Romania    
LOL    1994     Italy    
Maglog    1994     Japan    
Meroonet    1994     France    
METAPOST    1994     United States    
METAWSL    1994     United Kingdom    
MINDY    1994     United States    
Modula-2O    1994     Germany    
MOOSE    1994     United States    
MQL    1994   Business Data Processing Ad hoc query languages   United States   Medical query language 
MSOL    1994     Japan    
Multigame    1994        
Multipop    1994     United Kingdom   Hybrid Operating System and Programming Language 
Mx    1994   On-Line Matrix   United States   Interactive matrix algebra exploration language 
Navel    1994        
NeoLogo     1994   Specialised Languages Prototyping   Brazil   Prototyping OO extension of Logo 
OASIS    1994        
Ocean    1994        
OPTIMIX    1994   Specialised Languages Graph   Germany   Graph rewriting language based on Datalog 
Orthagonal    1994   Crossword   United States   2d language 
P2    1994     United States    
Pascal/V    1994   Multi-purpose Pascals   France    
Pascal++    1994   Multi-purpose Pascals   Denmark    
PEI    1994   Specialised Languages   Belgium   parallel language 
PhonePro    1994       Visual languages 
PIRANHA    1994        
PoliS    1994        
PolyTOIL    1994     United States    
Predula Nouveau    1994   Business Data Processing Pascals   Sweden   Data-parallel Pascal 
ProFIT    1994     Germany    
Prolog++    1994   String and List Processing Horn clause   International   OO Prolog 
QL    1994   Business Data Processing Ad hoc query languages   Netherlands   Query language for the Doedens multi language text query system 
QUIKCODE    1994     United States    
RENDEZVOUS    1994     United States    
RUSH    1994     United States    
S3    1994     United Kingdom    
SCL    1994     United States   Spacecraft Command Language 
SEAL    1994     Netherlands    
ShaDE    1994        
SIMAN V    1994   Specialised Languages   United States   Version 5 of SIMAN 
SLIQ    1994        
SLX    1994     United States    
SmallEiffel    1994   Multi-purpose   France   GNU Eiffel  
SMR    1994       Logic programming language 
SPARC Verdi    1994     Canada    
SPECTRE    1994     Germany    
StarLogo    1994     United States   Parallel logo 
STUDIO    1994        
SUPER    1994     Switzerland    
s-Verdi    1994     Canada    
Swarm    1994   Specialised Languages Activity scanning   United States   Agent based simulation language 
Syntropy    1994   Specialised Languages     Object modelling language 
sysLucid    1994   Experimental and other Single-assignment   Canada   Systolic functional Lucid 
Tablewise    1994        
TSQL    1994     United Kingdom    
UniCon    1994        
V    1994   Multi-purpose   United States   Parallel vector C 
VisaVis    1994       Higher-order Functional Visual Programming Language 
VRML    1994     United States    
WinPict    1994   Specialised Languages     Visual language 
youtoo    1994   Specialised Languages Lazy Evaluation LISPs   United Kingdom   2nd generation EULisp