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8 1/2    1996        
Active VRML    1996     United States    
AL    1996   Specialised Languages Animation   United States   Animation Language 
AlpHard    1996     France   subset of Alpha 
Amulet    1996   Specialised Languages Interface and windowing   United States   High level OO language with interface capabilities 
AP/S++    1996     United States    
APOSTLE    1996        
ARACHNE    1996        
B    1996   Specialised Languages   United Kingdom   Specification languag 
BaLinda Lisp    1996   String and List Processing Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Singapore    
Biscotti    1996     United States    
BSML    1996     Japan    
BUGS    1996   Specialised Languages Bayesian   United Kingdom   Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling 
C2 SADL    1996     United States    
CHR    1996     United Kingdom    
Chronolog(MC)    1996     Canada    
CLAIRE    1996     France    
CLANG    1996   Multi-purpose   South Africa   Concurrent LANGuage 
Clips++    1996   Specialised Languages RETE and production   United States   rewrite with extension of CLIPS in C++ 
CLOVER    1996     United States    
CMS-2J    1996   Multi-purpose   United States   Java port of CMS-2 
Colbert    1996   Specialised Languages Robotics   Germany    
ComLisp    1996   String and List Processing Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Germany   Common Lisp subset for dynamic compilation 
DEDUCTIO    1996     Russian Federation    
Delftware    1996        
DEM    1996     United States    
DESMO-M    1996     Germany    
Disjunctive Chronolog    1996     Canada    
EITL    1996     United Kingdom    
ELJ    1996   Multi-purpose   Australia   SmallEiffel for win32 
EQ    1996     United States    
EVAL    1996        
extended Tempura    1996     United Kingdom    
F    1996     International   Educational subset of Fortran 90 
FCL    1996   Specialised Languages   United States   Command interface language 
FTLL    1996     United Kingdom    
G2QL    1996        
GNAT    1996   Multi-purpose   United States   Gnu Ada 
Griffin    1996     United States    
GUM    1996     United Kingdom    
Hank    1996     United Kingdom    
HPF+    1996     United States    
HUGS    1996     United Kingdom   Glasgow Haskell 
Hyperlog    1996        
i-Basic    1996   Business Data Processing   United States   Web data scripting language 
IDEA    1996       Visual data language 
Indlog    1996     United Kingdom    
JARMO    1996     Russian Federation    
LIMBO    1996     United States    
LogiC    1996        
LPG    1996        
Maggiolo-Schettini 2    1996        
Massey Hope+C    1996   Experimental and other   New Zealand    
MetaJava    1996   Multi-purpose OO C family   Germany   refelective Java 
MetaXa    1996   Multi-purpose OO C family   Germany   reflective Java 
microLPC    1996   Multi-purpose   Sweden    
MLPM    1996        
Modelica    1996        
MODSIM III    1996     United States    
Neoclasstalk    1996     France    
NewKARL    1996     Germany    
Ngo Haddawy    1996     United States    
NP    1996   Specialised Languages   United States   NitPick modelling language 
Object REXX    1996     International    
OCAML 3    1996     France    
Orthogonal    1996   Experimental and other Crossword   United States   2nd version of 2d language 
OZ3    1996     Germany   Interactive Concurrent constraint language  
Palingol    1996     France    
Penny    1996     Sweden    
PITON    1996        
POP++    1996     United Kingdom    
Procalog    1996        
PROLAC    1996   Specialised Languages   United States   Language for Protocol Compilation 
Prolog IV    1996   String and List Processing Horn clause   International   Prolog II with extra constraints etc 
PROMELA    1996     United States    
pTAL    1996     United States    
ROL    1996     Canada    
ROLOG    1996   Experimental and other   United States    
RXF    1996     Japan    
S++    1996     United States    
SAPPHIRE    1996     Norway    
SCA    1996        
scriptic    1996     Netherlands    
SEBOL    1996   Multi-purpose   Japan    
SequenceL    1996     United States    
SEQUIN    1996     India    
SKIL    1996        
Smalltalk/X    1996     United States    
SPECTRAL    1996        
SXM    1996     United States    
Tangram    1996     United Kingdom    
TEMPLET    1996        
TFL    1996     France    
TODL    1996   Specialised Languages   United Kingdom    
TOOR    1996     United States    
Topsy    1996   Multi-purpose   South Africa   C++ teaching subset 
TOQL    1996        
TPASCAL    1996   Multi-purpose Pascals      
TSQL2     1996     United Kingdom    
UML    1996     International    
Us    1996   Experimental and other Prototyping   United States   Prototyping OOL 
V    1996   Specialised Languages   United States   Visual programming language 
Valenta    1996     United States    
VBScript    1996   Specialised Languages   United States    
VCODE    1996     United States   Macro language for portable C++  
Vedo-Vedi    1996     United States    
Viewcharts    1996        
Visual Active Rule Language    1996        
Visual Prolog    1996   String and List Processing Horn clause   Denmark    
VOQL    1996        
W-Prolog    1996   String and List Processing Horn clause   Australia   Simple Prolog dialect in Java 
YAOOP    1996       Object oriented FORTH 
Yet Another Linear Logic Programming Language    1996     Japan