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3-KRS  1987    Frame languages   Belgium      
AGORA  1993    Specialised Languages Prototyping   Belgium     Reifying prototyping OO language 
Borg  2000      Belgium      
E-LOTOS  1998      Belgium      
HOLON  1973      Belgium      
KRS  1987    Experimental and other   Belgium     Knowledge representation system 
KUL GPM  1974      Belgium      
KUL STAGE2  1974      Belgium      
LiSEB  1994      Belgium     OO extensions to APL 
MIKE  1988    Specialised Languages Algebraic   Belgium     Algebraic Modula 2 
NUL  1976    Business Data Processing Network DB   Belgium     Network database language 
OPLSCRIPT  2000      Belgium     Scripting for OPL studio 
PEI  1994    Specialised Languages   Belgium     parallel language 
PICO  1998      Belgium      
POFAC  1974      Belgium      
qSoul  2000      Belgium      
REGTRAL  1977      Belgium      
SOUL  1999      Belgium      
SOUL  2000      Belgium      
TAMALAN  1977    Business Data Processing   Belgium      
TRAK  1974      Belgium      
TyRuBa  1998      Belgium      
Wild Life  1997      Belgium      
YAFL  2000      Belgium     OO 3G language with garbage collection