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ec  1985      United States      
ECAP  1965    Specialised Languages Differential Equations   United States     Electronic Circuit Analysis Program 
ECAP II  1970      United States      
Echidna  1992           
ECL  1970    Multi-purpose Grammar and Syntax-oriented   United States     Harvard Extensible Computer Language 
ECL  1966    Command systems       Commmand language for UNIVAC  
ECL-1  1969    Experimental and other Interface and windowing   United Kingdom     Environment Control Language 
Eclectic CSP  2000      United States      
ECLIPSE  1995      United Kingdom      
Eclipse  1989    Specialised Languages RETE and production   United States     Extended CLIPS 
ECMA ALGOL  1963    Numerical Scientific True ALGOL60s   International      
ECMASCRIPT  2001      International      
ECoLisp  1989    String and List Processing Lazy Evaluation LISPs   Italy     Italian Common Lisp C-embeddable implementation 
ECONOMIST  1961    Business Data Processing Moscow languages   Russian Federation     Minsk-1 Commercial Autocoder 
ECP  1985           
ECRC-Prolog  1986    String and List Processing Horn clause   United Kingdom      
ECS  1987          Interface definition language 
ECSL  1966    Specialised Languages Activity scanning   United Kingdom     Extended Continuous Simulation Language 
ECSP  1984      Italy      
ECSS  1975      United States     Simluations language 
ECSS II  1975      United States      
ECSSL  1975    Specialised Languages   Germany      
ECT  1971