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Language peer sets for Relationlog:
Designed 2001
2000s languages
New internationlism
Business Data Processing
Business Data Processing/2001
Business Data Processing/ca


alternate simple view
Country: Canada
Designed 2001
Sammet category: Business Data Processing

Extension of Datalog to suit nested relations

Related languages
DATALOG Relationlog   Based on
Relationlog olog   Based on

  • Liu, M. (1995) Liu, M. Relationlog: A Typed Extension to Datalog with Sets and Tuples (Extended Abstract). Proceedings of the International Logic Programming Symposium (ILPS 1995), Portland, Oregon, USA, December 4-7, 1995. MIT Press Abstract Extract: nature of Relationlog
  • Liu, M. (1998) Liu, M. Overview of Datalog Extensions. In Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Deductive Database and Logic Programming (DDLP 98), Manchester, UK, June 20, 1998
  • Liu, Mengchi; Shan, Riqiang (1998) Liu, Mengchi; Shan, Riqiang "Design and Implementation of the Relationlog Deductive Database System" DEXA Workshop 1998: 856-863
  • Shan, Riqiang; Liu, Mengchi (1998) Shan, Riqiang; Liu, Mengchi "Introduction to the Relationlog System" DDLP 1998: 71-84
  • Liu, Mengchi (2001) Liu, Mengchi "The Relationlog system prototype" Softw. Pract. Exper. 2001; 31:409?443 Abstract Extract: The RELATIONLOG Language Extract: Datalog languages Extract: Implementing Relationlog
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