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Language peer sets for S*:
Designed 1976
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War
Genus Pascals
Specialised Languages
Wirth Algols
Generation of Algol 60
Wirth Algols/1976
Generation of Algol 60/1976
Wirth Algols/Canada
Generation of Algol 60/Canada
Specialised Languages
Specialised Languages/1976
Specialised Languages/ca


microprogramming language schema 

alternate simple view
Country: Canada
Designed 1976
Genus: Pascals
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

Dasgupta, Simon Fraser U, 1978. A microprogramming language schema, which instantiates to a complete language for any given micromachine. Has Pascal-like syntax, with pre- and post-conditions.

Related languages
Pascal S*   Extension of
STRUM S*   strong Influence
S* S*A   Augmentation of

  • Dasgupta, S. and Tartar, J., (1976) Dasgupta, S. and Tartar, J., "The Identification of Maximal Parallelism in Straight-Line Microprograms," IEEE Transactions on Computers, Vol. C-25, (10) pp. 986-991 (Oct 1976)
  • Dasgupta, S. (1978) Dasgupta, S. "Towards a Microprogramming Language Schema", Proc 11th Ann Workshop Microprogramming (MICRO-11), 1978, pp.144-153.
  • Dasgupta, Subrata (1979) Dasgupta, Subrata "The Organization of Microprogram Stores" ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 11(01) March 1979 pp39-65 1979 DOI
  • Marleen, Sint (1980) Marleen, Sint "A survey of high level microprogramming languages" pp141-153 Extract: S*
          in [Proceedings] (1980) Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Microarchitecture Springs, Colorado, United States 1980
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