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Language peer sets for HOL:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1985
Designed 1985
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War


Higher Order Logic 

alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1985
Published: 1985

Higher Order Logic. A proof-generating system for higher order logic based on LCF.

HOL-88 written in ML, HOL-90 written in SML/NJ

Related languages
Cambridge LCF HOL   Based on
HOL HOL-88   Implementation
HOL HOLCF   Evolution of
HOL Isabelle/HOL   Derivation of

  • Gordon, M.J.C. (1985) Gordon, M.J.C. "HOL: A Machine Oriented Formulation of Higher Order Logic", Report 68, Comp Lab U Cambridge (1985).
  • Gordon, M.J.C. et al, (1993) Gordon, M.J.C. et al, "Introduction to HOL", Cambridge U Press 1993 ISBN 0-521-441897
  • Wiedijk, Freek (1998) Wiedijk, Freek "The Fifteen Provers of the World" Abstract
  • Gordon M.J.C. (1999) Gordon M.J.C. "From LCF to HOL: A Short History" in Plotkin, Stirling and Tofte (eds) Proof, Language, and Interaction: Essays in the Honor of Robin Milner Abstract
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