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Language peer sets for Turbo Prolog:
Designed 1986
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War
Genus Horn clause
String and List Processing
Horn clause
Data representation
Horn clause/1986
Context-based /1986
Data representation/1986
Horn clause/Denmark
Context-based /Denmark
Data representation/Denmark
String and List Processing
String and List Processing/1986
String and List Processing/dk

Turbo Prolog (1286/tur002)

Head from cover
alternate simple view
Country: Denmark
Designed 1986
Published: 1986
Genus: Horn clause
Sammet category: String and List Processing

Jensen et al Prolog Development Center Denmark 1986.

A Prolog-like language with strong typing and user- defined domains. Programs are arranged in sections: DOMAINS, CLAUSES, PREDICATES, DATABASE and GOAL. Compiled to an exe

Distributed by Borland

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  • Lane, A. (1988) Lane, A. Turbo Prolog revisited. BYTE, 13(10):209--212, October 1988.
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