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Designed 1987
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War

Turing Plus(ID:1373/tur008)

alternate simple view
Country: Canada
Designed 1987
Published: 1987

Systems programming language, a concurrent descendant of Turing.

Available from Holt Software Assocs, Toronto.

From the documentation
"TURING PLUS extends TURING with concurrency, exception
handling, conditional compilation, generalized input/output, and a set of
dirty tricks for accessing details of the underlying implementation. With
these tirty tricks, TURING PLUS strives to be as flexible as C for systems
programming, while retaining security for its core language features.
TURING PLUS is an alternative to languages like C, Modula 2 and Ada."


"The features that Turing Plus adds to Turing include
natural (unsigned) numbers, sized numbers (e.g., nat1 is a
one-byte natural number), bit manipulation, subprograms as
variables, characters and fixed length character strings,
explicit type cheats (e.g., > treats any value c as a
nat1), indirection (e.g., int@(16#8ab36) is a peek or poke
to hex location 8ab36), concurrency with dynamic forking
and monitors, interrupt handling procedures, completely
checked separate compilation, linkage to C and assembler,
exception handlers, binary and random access input/output,
assembly language inserts, and conditional compilation."

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