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Designed 1988
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Sweden
Designed 1988
Published: 1988

ca 1988. Variant of C used to program the LP MUDs, programmable multi-user adventures.

LPC is a small, object oriented type C language developed by Lars Pensjö for LP-MUD, a Multi-User Dungeon environment under many UNIX systems. Since the premise of this language is based on C, it contains many of the syntactical qualities of C, but also maintains a large set of functions capable of performing many actions inside the game. The objective is to begin to look at LPC as a way of creating objects, rather than specific items, so that new coders can begin to experience the way LPC actually works. Rooms, weapons, monsters, armor, and whatever creation you can think of, even yourself, are objects. LPC allows you to create, modify, delete, and reproduce these objects in almost any manner you choose.

Related languages
C LPC   Based on
LPC LPMud   Simplification of
LPC microLPC   Implementation

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